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Snideface: The Revenge

The Fortress of Epilogueitude. Lana, still in her dress from the rehearsal, finds Clark in the loft, his telescope angled up. Music is playing. Clark sees Lana and says he never got a chance to tell her how beautiful she looked. Clark is back in flannel. And loving it. Lana says she just wanted to see Clark. She tells Clark she thought his toast was beautiful. Along with "Complicated," "Beautiful" is also a new teen-approved adjective. Clark says he had some inspiration. Gut me. Kill me. Somebody. Please. Lana says she's sorry for the relationship confusion. "I'm scared," she says. Clark says he is, too. Lana says that Clark has so many secrets in his life. Oh, he knows. He says he doesn't want his feelings for Lana to be one of them. Neither does she. Can you just get it over with? They do. Clark comes over and they kiss again as the strummy strummy girly rock plays. Clark lifts Lana up a bit, then puts his hands on he face as he kisses her. We pull back far enough to see Chloe, halfway up the stairs, watching them. She starts crying and walks out. So nobody heard her car pull up or Chloe clomping along the wood barn? Whatever, dude.

Downstairs, later. Clark and Lana are saying their goodbyes for the night. Still virgins, the both of them, I'm thinking. Clark lets Lana walk home alone in a town full of mutants and stalkers. He stops smiling when he hears a voice in his head. "Kal-El," the voice says, "it is time." The Day? But it's night! Clark goes outside. An orange, misty light is shining from the storm cellar door. Neither Lana nor Chloe noticed it. The voice repeats itself. Clark goes over, opens the cellar door and unleashes a lot more orange light. He starts stepping down to where the ship is. "To be continued..." Aw. Fuck.

Next week: The last episode of the season. Clark gets an "8" burned on his chest! Did he go to New Orleans for the weekend?

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