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Snideface: The Revenge


Back at the place of Professor Snideface's not-at-all-Hannibal Lecterish escape. We're looking at a spiral of symbols on the blueish ceiling of the padded-wall room. They're written in Clark's people's language. Lex tells Clark -- who is there for reasons we don't know yet -- that he thinks it says "'He is coming.'" Clark guesses that Snideface learned to read the symbols. Lex says no, it's just an educated guess based on Snideface's ramblings. Clark wonders how Snideface wrote the symbols up there. Lex says that apparently, he's figured out a way to emit energy from his hand. And if he doesn't stop it, he's going to go blind. Lex says he thinks it has to do with what happened to Snideface in the caves. Clark shifts uncomfortably and asks why Lex is telling him all this. Lex says that Clark found Snideface when he went into his mental state. He asks whether Clark could shed any light onto the situation. Clark says he already told Lex what he knows. Lex says that the symbols look like the ones that were burned on Clark's barn. Clark steps in some muck by saying he doesn't know how to read that language. Er, that's not what Lex asked. Lex says, "I believe you, Clark." But he totally doesn't. Clark asks what he's doing there. Um, alone with Lex in a room with lots of padding? Why, I honestly don't know. Lex says he thought that, given their mutual interest in the caves, they could solve this mystery "together." Yeah, forget marriage. This is much better. "I'm sorry, Lex," Clark says. "I'm as mystified as you are." Mystified! That's half-way to being in love.

Snideface at the caves. He's staring at one particularly choppy piece of cave with a spiral seemingly burned into it. Snideface holds out his hand (Stop! In the name of Lex!) and makes his most snide face. You could cut the snide with a machete in here. The camera zooms in on a little octagonal hole in the center of the spiral. Snideface's palm starts to glow with a symbol, and a bolt of energy shoots out from it and toward the octagonal hole. Snideface is still sneering. And where'd he get a jean jacket? The spiral starts to spin with its symbols glowing. The symbols shift and rearrange themselves from a spiral into a sort of sunburst. Snideface turns around and sees a drawing on the opposite wall of a dude shooting a beam at an octagonal drawing. The cave drawing dude has an "S" on his chest. Savior? Snideface? Stupid? "I know who you are," Snideface says. I'm Omar G. Pleased to meetcha.

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