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Previously, Nancy's decision to hold on to Peter's pension money for a while drove a wedge between her and her new and awesome friend Valerie; Dean was too stupid to not get his body broken into a million pieces and was thus placed in the care of poor Celia; and I say "poor Celia" because no matter how scummy Sullivan was (and is), she still cared for him, and she still had to see him banging Nancy on his conference room table. Also, we get a clip from way back in Season One, when Celia and Conrad hooked up that one time, so that'll be important this week.

We open with Nancy and Sullivan having just finished their depressing and gross little encounter on the table, Sullivan weakly trying to persuade her not to quit. But quit she will, for a little company called Aguatecture. She grabs a couple tissues to wipe herself off (...), which gives poor Celia, crouching by the door so no one will see her, a chance to scoot out the front door.

Back at Botwin Estates, Tara stops by with a payment for Nancy, but since it's just her and Silas in the house at the moment, he wants to fool around. She can't, though, because she has a date waiting for her in the driveway. This guy, "Kenneth," meets Tara's "cultural needs" while Silas meets her needs for sexual purposes. Or, as he puts it, he's something for her to rub up on. Wait, so you're telling me that Silas's hobbies of whining and sitting around on his spoiled ass haven't been stimulation enough for even a dim bulb like Tara? Huh. And I know I've been liking Silas better since he's been under Conrad's wing, but I can't help it -- seeing Silas in pain makes me want to do a little dance.

Nancy's once again stalking Val outside the mammogram clinic, and when she comes outside for a smoke break, Nancy pounces. Val's not exactly psyched to see her, even when Nancy produces an envelope of cash. No, it's not the full $100 grand, but Nancy seems to think this should buy her a little faith from Val. Val's like, "I have very little faith in you." She goes to storm off without the money but then realizes she really needs it, so she turns back and plucks it from Nancy's hand, saying she's just that desperate for cash. Nancy looks at her all, "So be a hooker, then; that's what I do!"

Cut to Val in the office of one "Cliff Haskel," a private investigator with a ridiculous hat that he probably stole from Angel on Dexter. Val is explaining that her ex-husband was a dirty cop and that he probably has money stashed away somewhere. On top of that, she explains the Nancy quickie marriage situation and says it totally seems fishy, considering they knew each other for a matter of weeks before getting married and then Peter winds up dead? "That bitch knows something," says Val. Cliff Haskel, Private Investigator says he'll need a retainer fee. Val thinks for a second, then tosses the envelope full of cash Nancy just gave her onto the desk. Hey Val, love you, for serious, but haven't you been saying you need that money to, like, make rent and stuff? I know she's hoping this gets her more money down the road, but it's a hell of a gamble, don't you think?

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