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Three Faces Of Dawn

Five years from now Sarno will be surprised, even Daniel will be surprised, at how quickly the Cylons came to be such a part of society. Daniel will suggest that it was the Atlas occurrence that galvanized them. They were able to look at the Monads, see their hate for what it was, and choose something better. Something safer. They wanted to feel protected, not hated. They wanted to return to a fundamental state of grace that never really existed. They wanted to pretend.

"Because I'm hearing talk about Cylon butlers, Cylon nurses... How long before my niece Candace comes home with her Cylon fiancé to introduce to the family?" Daniel and Baxter will laugh, like old chums. Cylons will walk dogs. There will be a vast monument to that first day. The day everything changed for them.

"I think people are smart enough to realize that as useful as they are, Cylons are simply tools," Daniel will say. "To forget that, to blur the distinction between man and machine, and attribute human qualities, is folly." He'll wince at himself, thinking of his daughter back home. He'll smile; Amanda will run her arms across her daughter's skin, watching from the dream-house.

"There's no way to know what lies ahead really. This technology, it has taken us those last few steps to the mountain pass, but beyond... It's undiscovered country." Heaven, or a Hell.

Joseph will kneel at the candles, praying to Jupiter on the fifth anniversary of his son's death. "Though he was not yet a man, he chose a man's death. William was a proud Tauron, and a good boy." He was named after Joe and Sam's father, long-dead back on Tauron; his brother, then, will be named in his honor and his grandfather's too. His blue eyes will come from Evelyn's side of the family. They'll call him Bill, not Willie. He's five years old. "As we are from the soil, so shall we return," Joe will say, as his son lights a candle in remembrance. "So say we all." His family will cheer him, and tell him stories of his sister and his brother well into the night.

Clarice will find herself in the Matrix, at a church for the souls of the clanking Cylon. They will fill her imaginary pews, and listen to her gospel; the angel will sit, smiling softly, and wait for the next move.

"Are you alive?"

We won't know, and they won't know. But we can hope. They can still dream.

"The simple answer might be, you are alive because you can ask that question. You have the right to think, and feel, and yearn to be more, because you are not just humanity's children. You are God's children. We are all God's children."

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