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"Hello, sweetheart. Haven't seen you since that awful derezzing incident. I blame you just a little bit. Can't tell your wife you killed a man and not expect a little healthy push-back. A marriage only works as an equal partnership. So look out, mister!" She's setting out the dishes and being super awesome and he still finds it all too much. "Now you're just guessing what I want from you?" Yeah, she says: "A typical human reaction, if you think about it. Neurotic, adorable even. Very authentic." She tries to make love to him, then, as she always does. It's built into the system; we are Nature Boys and Nature Girls. Every single one of us desperate to be alone and never be alone. Made to love.

"My entire future is riding on fixing the Resurrection program, which is you. I have two weeks to pass you off as an emotionally recognizable human being. If I don't, I'm dead." Amanda points out that if "she" were there and he accused her of being an inauthentic human being, she'd try to fuck the stupid out of him too -- which, ha, is very true, but only after bitching him out and making that scary hard face she makes -- and they collaborate, gorgeously, gorgeously acted and gorgeously imagined, as Amanda takes over his thinking about her thinking and they argue about whether or not she's being authentic at this time, and she speaks like a doctor for once: "We don't have a control group, do we? Because we don't have her." And she kind of loses her shit altogether, goes full harpy on him, about how he's a "frakking nasty monster who deserves to be alone" and that she hopes the Ha'la'tha does kill him, and he's shocked and she smiles and asks if that's what he wanted: Her hate.

So he deletes her, and he deletes her backup, and that's the end of Amanda. The best story this show ever told.

And this too has happened before, and will happen again. In the end, they just told Boomer's story -- and Caprica's story, and Athena's -- in the context of a single scene. And the three very different endings those three women found to this story are a parable about our options, as Nature Boys and Nature Girls, and how easy it is to forget those options when you let somebody else drive. When you let yourself be their dream and not your own; when you are a mirror for a door inside somebody else. When you forget that you always own the sand and stone beneath your feet; when your answer to the question "Are you alive?" is not firm and quick and immediate, fierce and on fire with the knowing of the answer to the question. When you forget who painted the sky; when you forget what you are here for.

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