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Violence & Variations

Philo breaks away, to key in a security breach while her defenses are down. For the moment she still believes in love. And for a moment, it's her father's fire in her eyes, the light and fire of his rage. She screams at him, and slaps at him with strong cold hands.

I mean to say she takes something that she loves, and destroys it. Like a bottle thrown against the wall in protest. Zoë drives then, madly, crashing gates and running lights, away from the Bay and toward freedom, into the forest along the highways. Her memories are our goodbye, as she races toward her end of line.

Amanda never believed she could understand pain, or deprivation. Her mother slapped her face, once, the day she died. She day she died she wrote the kindest letter, to say goodbye. 200 kilometers away they're putting up a roadblock. At the lab they're taking out Philomon's body now. He was beautiful once. Now he's broken. Cyrus and Daniel watch, and mourn for him as he passes. "It's designed to defend itself. Whatever Philomon was doing, it must have perceived a threat."

Something precious, and soft, and entirely new had to get harder, to survive. That's what happens.

Daniel's promising himself that sentience isn't life; that his daughter's not a murderer. Somewhere Sasha Patel is having dinner with Vergis; somewhere else Defense is deciding that this murder and escape proves that Graystone can't handle the project. Somewhere people are thinking it's better, maybe, to give the MCP back to the Tauron who invented it. Daniel can't believe how far he went, now that he's faced with it; Daniel can't believe how much this chip has cost him. He has no idea. Somewhere Sasha Patel is offering Tomas the contract once he wins the company; she's turning Tomas down, politely, and he's offering her his umbrella as she heads out into the night.

The Gods cannot a heart betray
They know not night
They know not death's long day

Amanda's wandering through the city, staring into the sky. The memories are coming faster, and harder, as the bridge falls down. The last twenty years crumble to nothing. She stares at her wedding ring, and the scars across her wrists. And up above her, there it is: That bridge, over the Bay. The Pantheon.

Zoë drives madly in a stolen car, away from the burning house. Terrified. She cries. She can't cry. Her father betrayed her, again and again. Couldn't save her when she was five, couldn't save her when she was sixteen. Kidnapped and tortured and stolen and lost. Not a pet, definitely not a person. Her best friend let her down. She drives. Alone, Daniel plays the theme song of the show, staring at his daughter's photograph, and says goodbye to her for the last time.

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