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In perfect cult-leader style, he looked around at them, smiling beatifically. Or trying to. Once he was beautiful. Now he's just broken. "...It would be great if you guys weren't here." Including Keon, who left Lacy Rand behind reluctantly. Grinning nastily, greedily, Barnabas led Lacy to a smaller, danker room, to show her something special. Her mouth was a firm line when she followed. He pulled back the tarp from a great shipping crate, large enough for Zoë, with a green tag on, cleared through Customs all the way to Gemenon and exempt from all inspection. She was relieved, and she was grateful. She hated him.

"Now, you can't go for a week or so. GDD's raised the alert level, which means even a Greeny can't get you out right now." What that meant was that Lacy had an extra week to prove herself. Her back went straight and she met his eyes, ready to bolt. She wondered if she could strike him, if she had to. She wondered what would happen next. He whispered a name into her ear, but he did not touch her body.

Barney asked her to replace Sister Willow's key fob with a lookalike. "Why do you want to track her?" Lacy asked, and his eyes whirled, and she apologized for asking, and she promised to do it, and was welcomed into the Barnabas cell of the Caprican STO. She owed Zoë; more importantly, she couldn't trust anybody else. Zoë didn't trust Clarice, and Lacy knew better than to trust Barnabas, which meant she could do whatever she had to do. They were a cell of two, with a single mission. When there aren't any rules, anybody can make the rules.

Yusif was cracked out on the couch when Sam and Evelyn found him; he'd been in the Underworld for days, taking amp and searching. She was always just beyond his reach. Sam was disgusted, but Evelyn was softer; he wanted rehab, she suggested comfort food. "Go out and get some organ meats. He's going to come out of this, and he is going to need his strength." Sam wanted to rip the holoband off his brother's face where it crouched, but Evelyn knew better. They both did. She barked at Sam in Tauron, and promised to care for their Yusif until he woke again.

I'll try to remind you

Rachel and Philo lay chastely curved around each other on a four-poster bed, in the middle of a lake strewn with rose petals. Every petal identical. He joked about skipping lunch every day, just to come and see her in their bed upon the water. "I'd get all scrawny," he said, but noted subtly that the beauty of the Matrix meant she'd never have to know. The mortality of his body. Of any body. He was beautiful, here and there; he was the most beautiful thing. They spent every day together, and he never knew.

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