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Violence & Variations

The dawn is breaking us into pieces

Rachel took the hint and asked if it bothered him, not knowing. He wrote her a song in response. "I like you no matter what, because I love your brain. You're the smartest person I know and that's... The most beautiful thing."

Philo thanked her for their talk, after she crashed the Viper, and she brought up the field trips again: The U-87 could learn more, if it was exposed to more environments. Could learn anything, in time; the need shone out of her, but he was happy. When he lost himself to worry and wonder, suggesting something might be coming for her, if he couldn't work out her generative-algorithm particulars -- if he, precious thing, couldn't unravel the secrets of eternal life, the alchemy of mind and body and soul she represented -- in time. She got scared; she tossed away the thought and reached for him, and his smile was unguarded as that day. Their first dance:

All this time
The only thing I wanted to teach you
Was love
Was love

"I smudged your glasses!" He chuckled, nerd in a put-on nerd voice. Philo looked more and more like himself. She didn't need the glasses. Rachel thanked him for it, and kissed him, softly, in a bed upon the water. This all happened a long time ago.

At Athena, Sister Willow headed upstairs with her passport, leaving her office door open. Lacy ducked inside, fussing with her keys, and eventually spilled folders everywhere. She got out just in time, as Clarice came back downstairs. When Lacy told him the job was done, Barnabas called her "good girl." She could be better. She could get worse.

Colonel Sasha Patel, from the Military Procurement division, came to visit Daniel at the lab. He showed her the spot where the body, and the soul, and the mind came together; Patel called it "the birthplace of artificial life." He rattled off the specs of the U-87, showing her performance charts and specifications, and he asked her to call him "Daniel." Finally, she got to the heart of her visit: There was still only one working robot. One, of a hundred thousand. He spun it, heart racing, saying they'd decided to optimize this one before replicating her; they'd burnt it in a circle of fire, tortured it until its heart was nearly gone. Patel nodded.

"I suppose we should have anticipated this. The difficulties of reverse-engineering stolen technology." He protested, as he always did in those days, but she told him to calm down. "Defense may have turned a blind eye, but down in Procurement we knew what we were getting into." But the longer they waited, the more problematic his thieving would become, so she set down the new contractual deadline, moving it up to the next week and terrifying him completely. "I think we both know that if you can't get it done by then, you just can't do it." She called him "Daniel" and she left him there.

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