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Violence & Variations

She wasn't listening. She was explaining the bridge, every stone laid down over the water, and he could barely hear her. "Do you remember how I... was, when we first met?" He shied away, as he always did in those days; he shuddered and put a smile on it. He admitted she was a little wild, back then.

"A little crazy, actually." She smiled that rueful Delphi smile. "But it was hard to be crazy around you. Somehow you repelled it. You were always so sane. I could always count on you to be you." He grinned: "Well, I find it hard to be anyone else, really." Inside of here, they were screaming, I am real. Survival is the punishment for things left unsaid. She knew she could do better.

Our voices lift to praise Your powers
And seek, seek Your help in darkest hours
O Gods! We pray with plaintive cries
And trust Your merciful replies

She bit her lip and said it, all in a breathless breath: "Daniel, Vergis told me that you stole his chip and killed two of his employees."

His first response was to sputter, to lie by omission, to stall. His second response was bitter admiration for Tomas's Tauron stones. His third response was to go silent. But his last response was the refusal to lie, as his wife went from window to window, turning off the lights and blowing out the candles one by one, until all that was left was the water, and the dark outside: "Well... It's complicated." She stood and walked out, into the night. He drank deep.

Joseph found the house, finally, and heard rustling in the shadows. He shot his amp and begged the shape to step into the light, and she appeared. Tears sprung up in his eyes when he saw her. He thanked the Gods, he thanked Jupiter, he thanked Tamara for surviving. Her shade. She took his measure, and realized Emmanuelle was right. She forced herself to be strong.

"Dad... I don't want you following me anymore. This place is bad for you. You're killing yourself with that stuff."

He swore, anything. Anything at all, to have her in his arms again. No more amp, no more anything; he needed nothing now that his quest was complete.

"You're wasting your life. I don't want you watching me. Because if that's all you do, that's all you'll ever do."

She was stronger. She was weaker. She shot herself in the heart, the Dead Girl, and looked up into her father's eyes. She shot him. She told the empty space how much she loved him. She rose again.

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