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Pictures of the Floating World

When that baby's born, this family will pray. The three holiest sacraments. And because she wouldn't recognize the prayers, because she isn't truly a part of the family, she won't be there. Because she knows who they are, and is forcing herself to love them, she has to pretend: To lay the devout Gemenese marriage, this beautiful family, over the Monad picture she knows is there. To tell them that she envies them, that she loves them, like Amanda in the floating world. To create from their memories a new soul for herself.

Samuel comes looking for his brother, scared, desirous of advice for the thing he knows he must die trying. He finds Daniel's Cylon blueprints instead. Walking weapons. Soldiers die in this world and return to the soil, whatever Clarice and Daniel say. But imagine if the war were only virtual, fought by creatures who never stop fighting; who don't have mouths to scream. If war were just another floating world, if all the blood that calls to blood redounded down to these new servants. With endless soldiers and endless servants even the subjugation of the lesser Colonies could cease. Applied in the right way, like a caustic to a wound, these steel bodies could save the Worlds. If we built our triumphs not on blood but chrome, no dictator could ever rise.

Daniel walks out onto the roof of Graystone Industries, where Yusif is smoking. He offers to leave again. "I always think about lighting up inside, but I guess it's the littlest rules that are hardest to break," he says. They are not enemies. They are not friends; for a moment they were, but they're still smoking. A bad habit struck in grief is still a bad habit, whether it's cigarettes or a floating bride. "It's like every decision I've made since the bombing has been a wrong turn. By now, I've made so many of them I'm not sure I even know how to get back." Joseph looks back and realizes he was once a man too.

"You can't do that alone. You may need somebody. You need someone who can see the man you were, inside the man you've become, and forgive you." A man needs something. Daniel thinks of Amanda, off somewhere in the world. Amanda, close as the nearest holoband. "Did your wife do that for you?" Daniel asks. Joseph drops his cigarette, into the world.

"Yeah. Till your daughter blew her up."

Atreus's boys are laughing at Samuel, the way he nearly died. They are laughing at the Guatrau; his age and their dry sweat fear. "Next time we go after his dopers and his judges," they laugh. "King is dead," they laugh, and "Long live the king." Atreus promises them he'll be kind and generous, when he rises. The elevator arrives, clanking; they barely understand what's happening before the Cylon opens fire. Then they are dead.

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