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Pictures of the Floating World

Amanda carries the child to Mar-Beth, implicated and staring into the family as Clarice chuckles, smiling at her, unable to get her attention as the family grows, by leaps and by bounds. She floats above it, desperate to be free. Praying in her way for Mar-Beth's baby, and her family. The noise, and chaos. Caught between one perfect world and another, harsher one. Between the floating world and the world of suffering. Awake now to the knowledge that they are the same.

"For yours is the promise of life everlasting on these worlds and on the world hereafter. So say we all," Clarice whispers, touching the child's head, consecrating him to God. The arm of a Willow reaches out, inside where it's warm, and gives Amanda a little hug. A little welcome.

And when Jordan asks her how she did it, she could almost swear she lied.

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