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Watching Through Windows

A hundred guns pointed at Joseph now, Cerberus summons the "sacred vessel," a bowl full of secrets brought by his handmaiden. She reads aloud: "As the Gods overthrew the Titans, so has man overthrown the Gods. But when man visits his sins upon his children, how shall he be repaid?"

When you light the burning circle to melt your daughter's heart. When you kidnap her from Heaven and bring her down to a chrome Hell. When you make your daughter into an object, a machine; when she rips her own body into pieces. When you abandon your son to the wolves, lost in your own pain, and punish him for looking for a father. When you induce lonely, lost children to build bombs and kill themselves, in pursuit of your own sick need for clarity. When you make your children slaves; when you make slaves of your children. We already know the answer. It is being built, all around us: He shall be repaid with death. Death is the answer.

Joe, predictably, freaks out. This isn't his story, it's Daniel's. He's only beginning to understand this story: The way the Matrix takes our dreams and outmoded religious metaphors and makes them real, iterable, concrete, consequential. The way the Matrix gives us new ways to worship. How could he? The Gods are ornaments and vestments and traditions and ritual. They're not standing in front of him, begging to be seen. Begging him to stay strong on his course. They keep telling him the wisdom is to treat the real life as a game, when what he needs to learn is the opposite. As above, so below. And he's been ignoring both sides of it. He whines and says his daughter's name, again and again and again; he is so pitiable and lost that Cerberus relents. She stops her teasing and tosses him out on his ass, after offering him a hateful curse.

In the anteroom, Emmanuelle says it again: "What'd I say about staying cool, Counselor?" The coat check guy reminds him to grab his gun, and on the wall he sees the flower once again: Tamara's sign. Written all over her body. He shoots another hit of amp, freaking out Emmanuelle and the coatcheck guy both. "Like you said, in here, you're either quick or you're dead." He shoots the bellhop guy: "I'll be quick." Emmanuelle grabs guns and follows him back in, and they fire on all Cerberus's guards and tell the rest of the audience to clear out before they get derezzed.

Joe forces Cerberus to her knees, gun to his head, screaming for his daughter. He relents, lights a cigarette, and tells him the story in an admirable, almost sexy cabaret intonation: "She was right here on the stage, seeking answers to the afterlife. Came right up, unlike her daddy. When she answered the riddle wrong, we discovered she had the power to transcend life and death. It was quite a show! Maybe she's found the answers that everyone's searching for. Or maybe she is the answer. But if you find her... If you find her. Tell her I'll give her star billing if she comes back. Hell, I'll even pay her. Real cubits. The game speaks through all of us differently. Changes us in ways that we can't expect. Stick around long enough, it'll happen to you."

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