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Watching Through Windows

Joe points his gun in Teiresias's face, and she blows smoke up his barrel. Holds one of the Dead Girl's flowers to his nose as they leave, inviting Joe back any time at all. And out in the street now he sees them, a million iterations, the flower of her sign everywhere they look. Written all over the walls of her body. "Maybe the other players are right, she is a part of this place. Seems like your daughter has found a home. Maybe it's time you went back to yours?"

Amanda smokes and looks at pictures, herself and her brother, and Serge summons her to the door: Tomas has come calling. She's grossed out; he's asking for her instead of Daniel. She puts out her cigarette and heads out to see the enemy.

"Are you familiar with Tauron customs?" She notes the gloves, demonstrating that she does: He's in mourning. "Some might call it mourning, yes. Two of my employees were murdered. Beaten to death during a break-in at my plant." She's horrified, but he goes on, telling her about the MCP and defense contract; how his invention is her husband's new livelihood. His game's only beginning, isn't it? If he's behind the Darius stuff, then he's the most brilliant monster of all. And his plan would work, if it weren't for Clarice's meddling, which is putting new spin on everything he touches.

Caesar smiles up at Zoë as Daniel sits, looking nuts, staring at his daughter. He holds up a gun and cocks it, for one more test. I honestly thought he was going to point it at his own head. "Now here's the deal... I love my dog. But I love my daughter even more. And if there's even a slight chance that some small part of her is tangled up in your alloy skeleton, I've got to know."

Upstairs, Amanda puts the pieces together: Daniel was behind the murders, although he's not brave enough to have done it himself. She draws a very particular line: "I don't give a frak who you think my husband killed. He's my husband. Get out of my house." That sounds about right, for who they are. It will eat at her, but she is loyal. Tomas leaves quietly, more damage done. And downstairs, Daniel forces Zoë to take the gun, and shoot the dog. After unbearable beats, she fires three times. Because she must.

They stand in silence, barely able to look at each other, over the still living body of the dog. She didn't miss, he explains. His cruelty extends further, and less far, than that. They were only blanks. It was just a test. He confronted her with the dark, and the light, and bluffed his way into heartbreak. He made it a question of love, a question he would never ask if there were love, and removed any chance of her reconciling with him, forever. He took her refuge in the body and made it a war of attrition, and his cruelty shames them both. He's no longer her father. She's grateful when he shuts her down.

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