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Watching Through Windows

Daniel walks the halls of their house, in darkness. It's been a long day. He looks for his wife, pulls down the bottle of Ambrosia, sits with it in the dark. On screen, the videos of his daughter. And outside, as far from the house as she can get, Amanda sits behind a wall, down by the pool, looking up at the videos as he watches them. It's cold out there; it's warmer and safer now than inside.

Zoƫ meets Lacy in the VIP, horrified and weakened, but also stronger now. "As soon as I picked up the gun, I knew. The robot knew. The weight was off by a tiny fraction, quarter rounds instead of full." But that's not the punchline: "You wanna know something? If they were full? I might've pointed the gun at him." She begs her friend to save her, once again. To get her out of her father's house -- that once-warm, once-safe place -- before she does something she'll regret. At this point, I don't think I'd mind at all.

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