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Watching Through Windows

Joe sees an amphead shivering on the street and suddenly realizes he's become an addict, and Emmanuelle explains the missing true part, which is that amp is "like jamming a wire into your brain's pleasure center." Excellent! Joe realizes for the fifth time that the Matrix is creepy -- "addictive drugs, senseless sex? Heck of a game" -- and they discuss how nobody knows how you win the Matrix, and again you get the feeling that this is a conversation every cube has ever had. He's ridiculous for a while, adorably angry at the killer zeppelins in the sky, and finally she rolls her eyes: "You think this is real life? You think this is what I look like in real life?" He asks who she is, then, really, and -- just to tickle that exciting little storyline mystery a bit -- these are her exact words: "Someone who's being paid to help you. So keep quiet and keep alive."

I do want it to be Evelyn. He goes into the underworld looking for his daughter, and ends up meeting his wife. She saves him there, and she saves him here, and he can only truly see her when she's wearing a mask. I mean, that's story.

Amanda goes to the bridge where her brother died and hallucinates all manner of things, including her brother driving a car and glaring at her. So, good deal there.

Joseph's got the U-87 breaking down and reassembling an assault rifle, over and over again. Zoë looks awesome holding a giant gun, of course. Eventually, once there's a rhythm set up, he lights a cigarette with some sing-song patter about how much Zoë hated him smoking. And maybe that's because of their first house, which burned down when she was five, which we only learned about recently. He tells the story in just the most horrible sort of troubadour fashion, begging her to respond, and the whole time he's like "do it again" as she completes the task. Amazing; torturous. He keeps breaking her heart, over and over, pulling secret cigarettes out of the bookcase as he pulls secret memories out of another girl's mind.

Her hands stay steady; the gun comes apart and the gun comes together. So Daniel had a server farm in an all-wood ramshackle place with a garden, wood beams and wood paneling, and one night a fire started in his office, and by the time they woke up the fire was all the way upstairs. Zoë had just moved into her "very first big-girl room, up in the attic," which of course she loved. They could hear her screaming, but they couldn't get upstairs -- the new house is all stone, all open, a million ways to escape, unless of course you're a giant robot -- and they waited seven minutes for their daughter to die, until the guys arrived and saved her. And the gun comes apart and the gun comes together.

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