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Watching Through Windows

"What am I supposed to do? Follow every order, no matter how stupid. Refuse to let him under my skin. I have to turn me off, just be the robot." Lacy asks if she can even do that anymore, but she should know better: We practice doing that every day of our lives. The triumph and the tragedy are, as Zoƫ and the MCP and the body come together -- as she unites her trinity and becomes the person, soul and mind and body, that she's meant to be -- it will become more difficult, until one day it is impossible. As happens to us all. And that is also a very beautiful, and very scary thing.

It's taken three years and counting to talk about this over on Gossip Girl, but essentially: When we were cavemen and evolution plus sex told us to have a baby, we would bonk a lady over the head and impregnate her. The vulnerabilities of males and females are shockingly inequal, due to bugs in the system. Every face of social order -- from the Bible to polygamy to Victorian etiquette to the waves of feminism -- are about renegotiating this contract, generationally and personally.

Because it's where people come from and it's our favorite thing to do, women's sexuality -- particularly teen sexuality -- is the most important commodity that ever existed, and generally men, who are in charge, treat it like oil, or that stuff from Dune. We're better than cavemen, but only because we have systems in place that, for reasons of religion or political leverage, are more powerful than the natural inequalities, and when those systems are trespassed, the punishments are hopefully deterrent enough that we can minimize the outrages that result. And in the meantime, we can treat teenage girls like they don't matter, even though they're in the room and can hear exactly how creepy we get about them, which is the kind of fucking-up that everybody has to deal with.

But the part we're looking at here is that anybody who threatens that economy, particularly women and gay men, have a duty to maintaining the system, by shutting the hell up and not acting like they have minds or voices or sexual desires of their own. And when they don't follow those rules -- when they don't turn the robot on and themselves off -- it upsets the powers that be. So young women and gay men learn very early on to be infantile, or robotic, or anything that doesn't shove the essential stupidity of that entire economy in the faces of everyone beholden to it. They're the cherry bombs thrown over the transom, into the room where men and women have been holding their parliamentary meetings about this stuff since the dawn of time.

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