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This is the Best Show because these are naked truths. Zoƫ has to stay quiet in the robot because she's a cult member that needs to get home, but she also has to stay quiet in the robot for the same reasons as Lacy, or Amanda, or any woman or dude who realizes how much she or he frightens the horses, warps the system, just by walking into the room.

Joe and Emmanuelle find his analogue house in the Matrix, and he can't get in because somebody has taken possession. Because it's the only word he knows, he assumes it's Tamara, but it's not. It's an amp-head. Real gross. He doesn't recognize Joe at all, of course, and they take him hostage and yell at him a whole lot and keep him from taking off his band. The place is shitty, of course. Which, um, begs the question of why you would come play this game just to hang out in some kind of Howard Hughes druggie Burroughs nightmare... But I think amp explains it. He's not there to "win" the game of NCC, he's there to do a bunch of drugs and has taken possession of this house so he can do it. Which is slightly less nasty, I think, than becoming a junkie IRL, except his house probably looks this shitty in real life, too.

Junkie offers them his stash, but Joe says he just wants a young girl. Of course, the guy gets yucky about that, too, and Joe calls him a motherfrakker because he's talking about his daughter. Scared junkie again promises to help them, and comes to the conclusion that they're talking about Living Dead Girl. "She's like a new part of the program, new character. You can't kill her 'cause she's already dead. Very bad mojo, you know?" Persephone, the Iron Queen. Which is an important thing to understand, both her myth and the curious ambivalence about her, before moving forward:

Like any taboo, Persephone is beloved and feared at once. You know the story as it relates to creation myth -- Six months warm, six months cold, Demeter screaming in the rain -- but what she became after that was the wife of Hades, and she's worshipped in a very different way after that. She's the Queen of After. She speaks with the voice of ghosts and is the dark mother into whose arms we are taken on dying. The first part gets a lot of play, it's one of the myths we all have to learn, but the second part is just as important, and it's what Tamara is currently negotiating. As she becomes more what she is, Joseph's journey in the Underworld is going to get more and more fundamental.

The cycle is told every year in the place where she died, and returned, at Eleusis. Like any myth cycle you play out physically, it is known as a Mystery. When we act out all the steps of the Passion, in the exact same way, it's called a Mystery Play. So while the name of the club that's our next step in this story is called "Mysteries" and that's a bone thrown to the noir aspects of this tale, really it's a clue to how deep we're going to go. These are Eleusinian Mysteries, not Phillip Marlowe ones.

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