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Motorcycle Maintenance

"Okay. She saw things in the virtual world. Ritual sacrifices, games like New Cap City, and... She felt the absence of moral guidelines, just like you do. Like a lot of folks do." The crowd leans forward; Amanda's never heard this. Another part of her daughter she'll never know. "And into that absence steps the STO, offering this... marvelous, ultimate moral arbiter. It's quite appealing, For a teenage girl especially," he opines. Sarno calls this accusation, and then Daniel goes apeshit in a way his wife would admire, because that's when he tells the world that he talked to her about this. (In the beat I was like, "Um, after she died?" and Jeremy laughed, but then guess what.)

"Um, after she died?" Amanda's horrified as anyone else, but for different reasons. Sarno goes, "I'm sorry, you made an electronic ghost of your dead daughter?" Daniel's like, "Yeah, it's fucked up." Sarno sympathizes but they both acknowledge how disturbing that shit was. Meanwhile Amanda feels absolutely betrayed for like ten seconds; backstage, a Tauron PA hassles Sam for his backstage bracelet, but he flashes his ink, so she hands over her laminate and then peaces because whatever happens next you don't really want to be there for, and he goes off to lurk.

"...But it did offer some small insight into her motivations," Daniel explains, and Sarno points out that this just brings us back to square one, which is that either the Matrix is the problem (like Sarno says) or the Matrix is such a problem that it's a problem. Deft. Amanda immediately says it's not the Matrix, but Daniel quietly wonders if he's wrong. Sarno makes the audience laugh and then asks him to go on. "We thought we could control the content in v-world, especially for kids, but we've failed, clearly. I think the temptation to hack the code is too great." Not that he can offer anything; Sarno gives him the softest look for a second and tells him to just think out loud. I mean, you've got Bill Gates on your couch talking about how to fix the world, "think out loud" is a good suggestion to make.

"I don't know. For there to be any beneficial change, you'd have to take away the profit motive. Like when they legalized drugs, for instance." People in a hash bar watch, as Sarno points out that there were decades of really ugly fighting before we got there. "Why couldn't we try it?" Sarno's all about how this is a huge leap, but Daniel's already leapfrogged and gone. "No. Graystone Industries will no longer charge for licensing of any legal spaces. And any profit we make off the bands will go to some charity, or..." Amanda picks up the thread beautifully: "A foundation, that we can create," and Daniel nods sharply: "We'll create something for young people to find the right experiences and the right values..." Much applause.

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