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Motorcycle Maintenance

"I see a lot of panicked faces behind me," Daniel jokes, and she tells him it'll be okay, and she'll find her own ride home. Saved once again, they kiss goodbye, and once Daniel's gone Sam appears from the shadows, masquerading once again as the limo driver. "What's your name?" she asks, with the easy friendliness -- not to say noblesse oblige -- that we've so rarely gotten to see from her. "I'm Amanda," she smiles, like she's smiled at a million drivers before, as though they don't already know who she is. "Nice to meet you!"

Lacy and Keon get the bike running, and high-five; finally, she's allowed to ask a question or two. She asks him if he had bomb shit in his locker and he gets all skitzy. Remember, we already know his actual-bomber cell, with Ben, didn't have anything to do with Clarice. Which I think means there's a secret inner cell Clarice doesn't even know about, or there are two to which she's desperately glomming onto -- if she even really has her own, which I'm starting to doubt -- because whoever gave her the GDD warning could have also given it to Keon's cell. (What if Keon/Ben/Pan/Hippolyta are the real cell, and her warning actually went nowhere? And she ran around being all stressed out and kicking Nestor literally out of bed just trying to be part of something? Wouldn't that be sad?)

Lacy once again congratulates Keon on being cautious, because it's smart of him and she's not smart, but she puts her tiny grubby little paws on the motorcycle seat between them, and he looks at her and her whole ten miles of cute and finally offers to set up a meeting with Barnabas, who can decide whether the STO helps her with her mission. (So if Barnabas is connected to the Ben/Keon cell, is he also Clarice's confessor Alvo, a lower-ranking STO person, or the Big Bad himself?) She nods happily, and touches his arm, and then they both get nervous because True Love Waits or whatever crap.

To the doo-wop tune of another McCrary original, Amanda continues to play nice. "Your tattoos, are they homemade? I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry, but I'm a plastic surgeon. [Did we know that?] I'm really interested in that sort of thing." He tells her they're Tauron, and she's like, "Of course! They have meanings, right?" Sam's pleasantly surprised at how charming she's being, and says that although people assume they're always a gangster thing, they're not... Necessarily. "You get ink because you're a parent, or you got a fancy pedigree, or there's some sort of ritual, maybe you made a mistake..." She smiles and offers to give him a fancy pedigree, or erase some of his mistakes, and he fake-chides her that it wouldn't be real if she did that.

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