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Motorcycle Maintenance

"Was that sarcastic?" Joe chokes, and his stress level is so very high, understandably so, that it's totally hilarious, like, Sam-playing-Sam can literally go, "I am lying to your face" and Joe's still like, "Are you lying about lying about lying?!" Sam sits down and grins and finally reminds him that he doesn't turn off his phone, because actual people besides his bipolar insane brother might be calling, so yeah, he got all like 60 texts and calls, and he didn't kill her. Though he did scare her, which he noted is nothing new for her because of how she's constantly getting bottles thrown at her and riots everywhere she goes, and Sam's like, ultimately he knew Joe wouldn't go through with it because he is a, quote, "frakking Caprican in a Tauron body," and then there's this really adorable, really real physical beat where Sam snatches Joe's beer out of his hand and slugs it, and Joe grins at him like "Aww" and Sam's like "What?" Like, that's what brothers do. Fuck with you for putting hits on people, and then they jack your beer. So cute!

Clarice is in bed watching the Sarno appearance, and not for the first time, when Nestor comes in and kisses her on the head and is like, "Here you go again." Clarice points out that every time those crazy bitches go on TV they tend to say really important stuff about her Magical Internet God, so you can see how interesting that would be for her. Because she already knew the virtual copy was real, even if Lacy won't confirm it or share it, and now she knows Daniel's got or had a copy, which means Clarice is about to start touching other plotlines besides her current one, where she mainly gets weird on Lacy when she's not dealing with a personal life so wildly complicated that even Kara Thrace would be like, "Girl, you need to simplify your situation."

Amanda gets into bed, still shaken from her Sam encounter. Daniel, of course, can identify. They talk about the prevailing and continuing anger and fear surrounding them, and decide they can't really blame anybody for it. She won't look at him, the whole time she's taking off her jewelry, and finally asks about the avatar. "It was nothing. You know how it works. It's just a picture of her, nothing more." She gets into bed, knowing all that, and asks again why he did it. He can't say it out loud, fussing with his glasses and reading the same page over and over -- he's the peacemaker, he's the one that always makes her laugh -- and finally she just reaches out for him. "I didn't know it got that bad," she says, pulling up tight to him. They are very sad, and quiet; they admit aloud how much they miss Zoƫ, and they can rest.

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