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Motorcycle Maintenance

Which is to say, start at home because you're the only person in charge of you, and here is awesome because she finally got the memo that she was making up these stories to service her own grief, but also awesome because she was the one that convinced Daniel their daughter blew up that train, which is what drove Zoë back into the virtual world two weeks ago. So now Amanda has clawed back to reality enough to realize that Zoë might have just been running away like she implied in her fake suicide note, which is back to the first of the three or four stories Amanda's been telling herself. Major breakthrough. But Daniel's like, "PS, remember how this is all your fault?"

Amanda again splits the hair, saying that the difference is that he's going on TV on purpose to talk about their terrorist daughter, while when she went on TV to say that, she was out of her mind and more concerned with the crowd and speaking to their grief. (Which is a very cool, ongoing thing with her character: She looks at you, she's intuiting you and being completely empathic. She's done it with Jordan and she'll do it again in a second, and it's half the reason their marriage is so awesome, but she also works crowds completely differently than she does one-on-one. Which is a thing doctors can do, because that's the job of them, but doubly neat because she's a plastic surgeon -- and because she couldn't ever manage to see her daughter standing right in front of her.)

Daniel explains that this is the hand they've been dealt, and when he asks if his tie works with his outfit, she spits out a hilarious "YEAH, IT'S GREAT" before stomping after him to yell some more words at him. Amanda asks him to say that they need healing time as a family and to be left alone, and he tells her that will no longer play to the audience -- which grosses her out more, because it's a Priyah word -- and she screams about how they're not just the face of Graystone, they're parents first, and he shuts her up the only way he can: "Parents? Actually no, we're not." Ouch, Daniel. He yells at Serge and bounces, and Amanda continues to smoke and freak out and plan her next big public meltdown.

The bones and flesh and legal statistics are the garments worn by the personality, not the other way around.

There's a funny little interlude where Zoë gets off the phone with Lacy and logs onto the Matrix, steps out into the decadent dancing or rock concert or whatever in her human outfit... And then immediately goes, "Oh, hell," and derezzes again. Like, how inconvenient that you can't go eat a cheeseburger right now because you have to pretend to be a robot.

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