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Motorcycle Maintenance

"We won't tell your father. On Tauron, when you're 13, you're a man. You make your own decisions." William gives a great WTF but thanks her, and takes a bottle of water into the TV room, but she sits down in front of him and snatches the remote out of his hands. "What do you want to be, William?" He gives a Caprican answer; she wants the Tauron one. "What do you want to be now?" A Buccaneers waterboy. She's like, "Go for it." Get the job. He sighs and says how his connection -- the Joseph/Daniel Cigarettes & Misery Club -- seems to have discorporated sometime around the pilot episode, when Joe started stalking Daniel and getting on everybody's nerves.

Ruthie grins in the most terrifying possible way and tells Willie that you can't count on friends for favors like that: "You get the best things from enemies. Because they're scared of you!" Willie is not at all sure about that -- What big teeth you have, Tsattie! -- and Ruth tells him Sam will get this shit done. Just as soon as Joe stops fucking bugging him every five seconds.

Sam watches the GDD agents banging on Amanda's door, and once again tells Joe to leave him alone, and then at the door Jordan is ten tons of intense with Amanda, who predictably screams her ass off about the warrants. He tells her to chill -- "We're not gonna do anything to her, we're just trying to find out who turned her into a bomber" -- and she invites herself downstairs to watch them ransack her room. She yells at him to watch out for Zoë's cello, and he gets a little snotty ("Careful with the cello," he barks at the guy) and then just watches Amanda slowly lose it some more.

Finally, Jordan breaks it down for her, what they're going for: "...Who she met with? Who brainwashed her into believing in a moral dictator called God? Maybe the name of some other kid who blew up a Caprican business in the middle of the night? I really don't know." Jordan sure hates big-g God, doesn't he? Amanda's exhausted but not down for the count, but then Youngblood finds that infinity pendant in Zoë's jewelry box. Which Amanda starts yelling about, because she was the one that put it there -- not that it matters, but it speaks to her mindset and the breakthrough from before: The necklace was Zoë's, she can buy that, making it a part of her daughter she still doesn't understand, but still wants to, so she put it where it belongs. All the pieces of her daughter, the puzzle. "There are loose ends, Doctor, and I'm sorry if we have to take your daughter's life apart in order to put other terrorists behind bars. But if we have to, then so be it."

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