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Motorcycle Maintenance

Amanda hears something in his voice, there at the end, and while her question is good -- "What is this to you?. Did you lose someone on that train?" -- his silence is better, and his eventual answer is best: "I lost everyone on that train." So awesome. Now, I don't trust him one inch, because he seems just as one-track as anybody else you can't trust on this show, and that's clearly not the real whole answer anyway, but as a thing for a person to say? Dude, I went from total hate to total love for Lee Adama just based on him saying shit like that.

Lacy shows up at Keon's bike shop, and after he hustles his customer out, he tries to slam the door on her a couple of times, but she's fast and pointy, so he is stymied. She forces her way in and reminds him about how she crushed him in her tiny hands last time and that he promised to get her and a giant robot to Gemenon. "You shouldn't have scampered off during the locker search. It made you look guilty." (Unlike standing there in nose-and-glasses whispering, "I'll walk away and then you walk away and then we will have a secret terrorist meeting away from these global investigators about how we are terrorists with a bomb in your bookbag, okay?" which was of course slick as hell.)

Keon tells Lacy to leave, because she mostly just stares spookily and doesn't talk much except for about the one freaky thing they have in common, plus he needs to fix a motorcycle, but coincidentally Lacy is from a motorcycle-fixing family, including her invisible drunken mother the motorcycle repairman, so now he I guess has no grounds to ask her to leave. Keon's like, "We can't be seen together!" but Lacy tells him to get with the Zen already, because it's just them and the machines. (Cute boys fixing machines one hundred percent of the time. But the difference in this parallel is that Zoë's the scary bad thing and Philo doesn't know it, while over here in this shop it's Keon who is obviously way more hardcore than he lets on, and Lacy's the one about to get burned.)

Singh's disappointed at the nothing they managed to scare up in Zoë's bedroom, because the only revolutionary thing she ever made was herself. They talk about how there was nothing in the school either besides some drugs, and while Singh's disappointed -- "You guaranteed me detonators and infinity symbols!" -- Duram just says this proves they're going after the right places, because clearly somebody warned the kids. He is, of course, extrapolating correctly that it's a kid army, but we've also seen that most of the STO getting rounded up on TV tend to be young as well -- so the next step needs to be accessing the kids' phones and e-sheets. Singh grins and points out how grey-area Duram's getting, but Jordan won't let him leave until he gives him permission. Singh employs some Tauron profanity in explaining that he'll have Jordan's balls if he's wrong, and signs off.

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