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Previously, the richest little girl in the world got upset about moral relativism -- because like all teenagers dating back to Holden, she assumed she invented figuring things out -- so she joined a fundamentalist cult and made a virtual double of herself for some unknown culty reason. Then her boyfriend blew her up, so Dad kidnapped her avatar and put her in a robot body, which didn't work out -- as far as he knew. Actually, it worked pretty well, but he still rent his garments and screamed in the rain and made best friends with some Tauron about it.

That was two weeks ago. Now Zoë's swimming in Cylon red Matrix stuff like the beginning of Robocop, coming in and out of weird dreams where she remembers being Zoë, and their secret virtual clubhouse, and playing with her dog Caesar and brushing her hair and dancing at the club, but also being a killer robot and destroying Serges. (I would say at this point that I would have been fine with it if they'd gone full Robocop and had Drew and Philo drunk and putting tinsel on her head at the Whatever They Call Xmas party, and shots like that. Mostly, more Drew and Philo in any fashion would be good.)

She finally settles on one memory: The day real Zoë took her to the gorgeous temple/clubhouse and showed her the infinity sign on the door, explaining all about the Soldiers Of The One and acting creepy as usual. Dead Zoë is so awesome because she's one of those girls who's always sort of playing pretend, so if she's going to be a superspy or cyberterrorist or whatever, damn right she's going to catwalk through dancing crowds and flip her hair around and act all dramatic. That's like the entire point. I approve. So dead Zoë introduced her to beautiful dead Ben, and she saw herself in his mirrorshades, and he declared her "perfect." And Zoë said, "It's all going to change. You're a gift. And everyone will know it soon" and her smile was very loving and pretty well insane. The memories flip out again and she remembers the day before the bomb, when she derezzed watching them sacrifice a girl to Hecate. And then she wakes fully, in the Graystone labs.

Philomon means "affectionate." In the Greek version of the Lot myth -- which is at its heart a cautionary tale about the way we have to treat strangers if we're going collectively to survive -- Philemon and Baucis are an older couple who perform the functions Lot does in the Bible story: They treat the Gods as valued guests instead of mugging or raping them, and are rewarded with salvation. A lot of old myths work that way: If a societal more isn't self-sufficient, we make up stories to keep it relevant in the face of self-interest, which will always degrade commandments unless you make them special by inviting God into the equation. "Don't treat strangers cruddy or try to rape them, because then we'll have no people left because the desert is a shitty place to be wandering" -- because it disagrees with self-interest and your natural disinclination to share food with strangers -- becomes "Or else God will burn your city." Don't eat pork because you haven't gotten to refrigerators yet. Don't do gay stuff, because it might turn out to be too awesome and you might never stop, and then you're just living in the movie 300.

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