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Love Lockdown

Sam and his husband Larry explain the household Gods to Willie: "Order, nature, strength, love." Willie asks why the Jupiter part of the statue is bigger, and Sam explains it's because Joe's a lawyer, so order is the most important thing in his home. Which is ironic in a whole other way. Larry points out that at theirs, "Mars is like three times the size of the others," because he married a tough guy. Willie stares at it, his Tauron education and his religious education, and asks why they didn't adopt an orphan -- after all, Sam and Joe were orphans when they were kids. Sam admits that it's because his job is "no good for kids," and Larry laughs that it's not so good for grownups, and Sam asks Larry why he's always Something Greek I didn't catch that means essentially "giving me shit," and they are sweet and gay-married for awhile and it's totally revolutionary, and then Joe comes home and asks Sam to speak privately about the downside of having Jupiter be number one in your house, which is that it causes you to do things like ask your hitman brother to kill Amanda Graystone, and thus even the scales.

In two weeks, thanks to the Pretend Olympics and the three-day weekend: Joe second-guesses his latest awful idea, Sam kidnaps Amanda, and there are various other troubles. I'm guessing Willie will act sassy, Joe will be twice as conflicted as he needs to be while his brother will be zero amount of the conflicted he should be, Lacy will do the slow-burn and then dick with people, Zoƫ will be adorable and sad and schemy some more, the Graystones will once again manage to be wildly sympathetic people for no apparent reason, and Clarice will... Act totally bizarre, I'm guessing.

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