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Love Lockdown
o everything," Zoë says, nearly incomprehensible just like her father: "All shared code shows up as a doorway. Some rooms have a million doors, it doesn't have to make physical sense." All of which is rational, but not the answer to the question. Tammy just needs to get outside, to breathe for a second. Tamara's like MacDuff, like, all the stuff Zoë put our girl through was to help her work out life and make her strong and perfect, but Tammy was just born, without all of that. Saw her dad, flipped out, was left all alone for a digital month.

Zoë sweetly offers to come with her, make sure she's okay, but Lacy snatches her away and yells about how they have no idea how long Zoë's even going to be virtually available. Zoë gets all messianic about how she's not just leaving Random Tamara to her own devices, and Lacy yells, and finally Tamara tells them both to fucking eat it, she'll find her own way home. She's grateful for Zoë's kindness, but still really shaken and confused by everything, as she wanders off. (Where is she going? What's outside the Matrix besides more Matrix? She can't actually leave, can she? What if she ends up in a microwave oven -- almost said "toaster" there, heh -- or Serge or something? Hold onto her, she's going to be important in a second!)

Clarice is wearing a huge ring the size of a doorknob, because crazy is how she rolls. It's amazing. She thinks for a second and then puts on her holoband, ending up in a white hallway full of confessionals, and touches what I'm assuming is an infinity symbol on the one at the end of the hall. She lights a candle, sitting as the door closes itself, and waits in the candlelight.

Meanwhile Zoë is noshing on a burger, which she remembers loving and thus loves. (What did Daniel say? "A difference that makes no difference is no difference." I'm starting to think that's the whole point: Once you put that Zoë MCP chip in a Centurion body, the Centurions have the moral upper hand. Which makes this story a complex equation to which Sharon Agathon might be the answer after all.) She muses about how the next thing she needs is Keon Gatwick, Ben's best friend from the teaser. Her assumption is that Keon knows everything about the plan to get to Gemenon, so she needs him to help Lacy get it going again.

Lacy's surprised that Zoë's still interested in going to Gemenon, considering how well that went last time, and Zoë just points out that the dead girl said she had a purpose there. "God wants me there. She was gonna bring me there, and I was gonna be something special." (Aww, Zoë.) Lacy wonders aloud whether or not -- them being in a suicide bomber fundamentalist cult and all -- that might not have been a great idea in the first place, and unbothered Zoë smiles that loony, sweet smile only she can smile. "Zoë said my purpose was wonderful, so it is." It's only been a month, and Lacy's already so much wiser than she is. Basically, Zoë informs her, Lacy's got to somehow get her six-foot ton-weighing steel ass off the planet. Lacy is unsure about that plan. "You have to take me there in the robot body. Somehow the chip and the body are working together to make me." She's just giddy. It's sweet, and it is terrifying. That sureness.

Lacy balks, and Zoë does some bad juju on her. "Lacy, please. I need to know I can count on you to do this. I need to know that you're gonna get me to Gemenon. You chickened out once, Lacy... You can't be scared now." Lacy points out that "chickening out," in that last instance, led to her ass not getting blown up, but Zoë's not having it: "She is dead... And I am all that is left of her. If you were my friend," Zoë says, with a wicked manic glee, realizing her power for the first time, "You'd do this." Oh, it's shivery. Lacy can't even believe her right now.

Finally a scary Dalek voice greets Clarice from the other side of the rood screen: Her contact in the STO, Alvo, who is pissed that she's contacting them against orders. She says she just wanted to let them know she's making progress: "I'm getting closer to finding the Zoë Graystone avatar," she says, which is barely true anyway, and Alvo's like, "Plus blowing up a bunch of people for no reason and making all of Caprica scatter like ants." Clarice seems to acknowledge on some level that this conversation is pointless from a tactical viewpoint, but wants to underscore her passion about the STO. "And the Zoë Graystone avatar is gonna help the Soldiers to serve the Lord through apotheosis. Or do you deny that prophecy?"

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