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Which, lots to unpack. Basically, I guess the thing Zoë was building was supposed to become a virtual avatar of God him/herself, a literal Idoru, and that this HQ on Gemenon was going to help her get there. But Alvo says that not everybody has the same idea about apotheosis that she does, and that the obsession with finding Zoë is putting everybody at risk. "I'll not abandon God's plan. I know that Zoë Graystone was beloved of God, and that she was given the spark of life itself. And that was her gift to all of us, and it will save all of us." Alvo hopes she's right, for her own sake, and tells her to hurry up. Hard to bargain or argue with that level of belief. Although, Sister Willow does seem to love Zoë, so is this just another iteration of the Graystone/Adama guilt and grief, in a way? Are they all just looking for resurrection for her? And if so, what's Clarice's connection to the bombing? Was she just trying to force Zoë into the Matrix once and for all, to get the apocalypse started? It all seemed very simple a month ago.

Lacy hides behind a tree outside the Academy, tackling the shit out of cute Keon -- which is a real name, by the way: Gaelic, from Ewan and other John-cognates -- and immediately climbing on top of him. He stutters out that he can throw her off, and she gets wonderfully feral: "My knees are pointy and fast and hard!" Dude, I kept telling people to wait for Lacy to get hardcore but this is not really what I was picturing. (Although, Angeli Thing Five and the biggest one, Female overpowers Male like R. Crumb's dream of thick-legged lady wrestlers: Check.) The reason for this tackling is that Lacy now knows that Keon's STO, which begs the question of why he was getting so School Ties on her at the beginning of the episode, which question's answer is already obvious.

Keon, loving it, explains that he's not STO. "Try again. You're too stupid to think of a good reason that's not a real reason, so let's hear it." He smiles, she punches him, it's all so usual. He finally admits that he's STO, but not suicide-bomber kind: He just went to the meetings with Ben (and Pan and Hippolyta) and now that Ben's dead, it's not going anyway. Lacy dumbly brings up Clarice, who apparently isn't involved in his particular chapter, and then tells him to forget it. "I made a promise to Zoë before she died. I need to get something to Gemenon, something secret. It's for Zoë." Keon's obviously very sympathetic about her loss and the rest of it, and politely asks her to get off him, and she's still very wild-seeming when she does: "Zoë was my best friend, Keon. I made a promise." He stares at her total intensity and says he'll do what he can, and she runs off into the streets like a wild creature. I have no idea what's going to happen! It's very exciting.

So let's keep that fresh and delightful feeling alive by going back into the circling boring madness of Joe Adama's well-acted wheel-spinning. You might not believe this, but he is now at Castle Graystone demanding to see Tamara, just like yesterday and the day before that. Daniel has checked the computer, and last he checked she was still there, as of three hours ago. Of course, three hours ago Zoë and Lacy weren't all up in her biz, so obviously this is going to be a shitstorm. Daniel takes him in there -- there's a brilliant moment where he condescendingly explains to the increasingly desperate Joe that the size of the room doesn't really have any meaning so he can't answer the question of how large the room is -- and finally derezzes long enough to confirm that Tammy's disappeared since he last checked, and probably was just a ghost program anyway.

Of course, this is just the ironic cherry on Joe's sundae of disappointment -- which honestly getting jerked around this many ways this many times would probably make you nuts even if you weren't already, I mean look how well Amanda's doing and she has not one time been offered a visit with ghost-Zoë only to have it ripped away from her, whereas Joe has had that experience literally three hundred thousand million times in the last two weeks/episodes -- so finally they log off and stare at each other on the couch for a hundred years.

It's actually very touching, because somewhere in the middle of all the Mafioso and kidney-punching, Daniel has remembered about their whole Dead Kid Club bonding, and really wanted to give this to Joe. Joe, on the other hand, is well past done with Daniel's bullshit and not listening to the very logical processes that got us to this point, so he just says, "I'm sorry." Which to Daniel means "Sorry about the kidney punching," but to Joe means another unbelievable thing.

Cubits & Pieces reports the Caprica Tribune scoop about how Terror Mom's house is off-limits due to bureaucratic red tape, while Youngblood and Duram grin luxuriously. Even the vulpine Singh is happy. There's discussion of how Graystone is plunging even on the off-hours (think Nikkei) market on Scorpia, and we're now at the low for the year. Singh congratulates Duram on Youngblood's idea even though she is sitting right there, and tells Duram that Youngblood is nearly off the hook even though she is sitting right there, and apparently the Justice Minister is already "judge-shopping" to get search warrants signed for the morning, so Youngblood and Duram better make it count and find something really good at Castle Graystone. I don't know what that could be, beyond the fifty things with the infinity symbol scattered on every surface of their house, but then my impression of the STO is that it's not fully and irrevocably known as a terrorist organization (maybe like Sinn Féin isn't the IRA?), so honestly they should just subpoena the Matrix, because let me tell you: Some shit is afoot on the internet.

So what, our TV asks, could have possibly led this affluent teenager into becoming a terrorist? And what of Amanda leaving Caprica General, and that bottle getting thrown? The hospital isn't even confirming the resignation, so now there's shitstorm on shitstorm about how maybe that was a lie too, and Graystone Industries has dropped 25% due to "fearism" and possible default on the debts coming to bear -- two billion cubits to the Twelve Colony Banking Consortium -- and finally Daniel picks up the phone and tells Cyrus to tell Priyah to confirm him for Sarno tomorrow, and he doesn't want to talk about it. And I guess maybe he's looking out for the shareholders now too, especially since his underworld connections are clearly not working out, and have blackmail stuff to spare at this point, and he'll probably end up getting sold into slavery to Vergis in the bargain. I don't think it's going to be very easy to watch him on that show, however it goes down. If he sells out Zoë it'll just be worse, but obviously he's not going to be allowed to talk about anything else, so either he's got a genius plan -- and he is a genius -- or he's going to wig out just like his wife did. Which will be tough, but also awesome.

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