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11:30 PM: The last interplanetary flights of the night are taking off from Caprica City Trojan Interplanetary Spaceport when Lacy gets there with her friends and some bombs. The one that it seemed like Barnabus was molesting, that's oft-mentioned Hippolyta, and the one that looks like Pan -- sort of a lower-quote Eric Balfour -- is the one they call Pan. How long does it take Lacy to fuck this terrorist op beyond all recognition? Hold your breath.

So Lacy's stressing because there are still cleaning people there, security guards and stuff, and she doesn't want to blow them up. She is the worst terrorist of all time. Blowing up people is like your entire job, little girl! Pan and Hippolyta run off to set their bombs up in places, but Lacy sort of just loiters around and sits in the middle of the place where anybody could see and starts playing with her bomb. Of course, a guard immediately comes up and is like, "Could you act all twitchy and tell me a poorly rehearsed lie about your Temple group flying to Picon?" Lacy obliges.

Lace tries to run away when the cop asks to see her backpack, which is obviously carrying a bomb just based on her googly-eyes, but then suddenly the guard is very, very dead due to Pan shooting him in the entirety with a gun. They grab her lame ass and run out to the car, where Keon is looking stressed and confused. Shortly after, they explain to him about Lacy's ongoing suckiness and how bad that terrorist operation just went, and then to hide the evidence they think about detonating the bombs anyway.

Of course, Lacy takes her sweet time mentioning that bomb number three is still in her backpack, which is in her lap, which is in the car with them. When she does, they get sort of antsy. Pan, icking, screams at her about how stupid she is, at length, while Hippolyta just tosses the backpack out the window at random and says, for some reason, "I'm not going to jail for you people." I'm not sure about the sentiment, or the reason she is expressing it at this time or in this particular terrorist arm of a dangerous cult, but there you go. I don't like the look of her, never did. She reminds me of that weird goth girl that was involved in Tamara's whole thing with the Bloody Mama casino owner in Imaginaryland.

12:02 AM: Having had enough of Pan's ongoing freakout and meanness -- which, to be fair, he's amped on terrorism and then also the adrenaline of almost getting blown up -- Lacy finally tells Keon to pull the car over so she can be sullen in the rain and they can go frak themselves. At this point, none of them shoot her, even though obviously that's what they should do. This terrorist apocalypse is so doomed! What they need is some well-adjusted, good-under-pressure, child soldiers from good homes in this cult.

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