The Heavens Will Rise

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Love Is The Last Light Spoken

So what then, wait? No way. "I'll lose my mind!" And you know, when Amanda Graystone says that? Trust. You better find another frakkin' way around because that is the sound of a countdown starting.

It takes Nestor like one second to figure out that it's the wrong holoband because, of course, he has a photographic memory we've never heard about -- of all the insulting, lazy hack writer tricks this and amnesia are my very favorite -- and then they're all like, "Well clearly Amanda Graystone switched the holobands," jumping to that conclusion out of nowhere, and also "She's the one that's been spying on us the whole time," and also "We killed Mar-Beth for no reason," which does logically follow from the illogical things they just deduced. So fucking annoying. So unnecessary. And the whole time Clarice is trying to defend Amanda and they're getting more and more pissed at her, and finally it comes down to this: We now have, suddenly, 24 hours before the stadium explodes. So thanks for that update.

And that means while the Graystones are looking for Zoë and the Adamas are who cares, the Willows are going to be hunting for Amanda so they can get her holoband back, reinstall Heaven, and have a nice long talk about stabbing and stuff.

Which admittedly does sound thrilling, but not quite as thrilling as the fact that Daniel, Sam and Amanda are heading up the mountain right this second -- on packhorses, naturally -- nor the fact of Zoë, standing on the battlements in the Heaven she made, dragons in the darkening skies, waiting and ready for them. Not sad, not happy, not ruling it out but not quite ready to stop being angry: Zoë's parents, making the long trek home to her, unsure what they'll find.

The burned girl? The one who killed herself? The one who walks with angels? The one who loved them? The one that hated them? The one who killed innocents, or the one that was killed before her time? The one who learned to love only after they'd taken her body away? The one who led revolution across the dirty world, and then again, across its dirty dreams? And when they ask her if she's alive, what will she have to say? And what will she ask of them, in her turn?

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