The Heavens Will Rise

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Love Is The Last Light Spoken

Jordan confirms he got burnt and promises Amanda she's safe, thanks to him getting Mar-Beth murdered, but leaves out that particular part. And now apparently that holoband Amanda's been trying to steal, the special one, is locked up in the attic. Jordan gives her a rigged holoband to switch with Clarice's, which is wicked scary for everybody, and when she feints her balk he's like, "Something is happening, and it's happening soon. Honestly, it's the last arrow we've got." And it's better than waiting around for Daniel to come up with whatever impossible thing he's going to come up with now that the show is suddenly (irrevocably, randomly) all about these two parents trying to reconcile with their Godlike, emotionally scarred daughter.*

*(With which I don't really have a problem? Except for the fact that Zoë is right about pretty much everything, and the Angels are way cooler than pretty much everybody, and rerouting the story this way reduces all of that -- her holy rage, her divine inspiration, the way she stoked the fires in Clarice and sent Lacy into the flames, the knowledge and conversation of her Holy Guardian Angel, the fall of coarse consumerism and rise of monotheism, and thus like the entire Apocalypse -- to the teenage tantrum of a rich white girl who didn't get enough attention from her rich WASPy parents. Which is not really the same thing at all.**)

**(Well, to me it is, but I think you'd have to be pretty specifically me to see it that way.***)

***(Or Zoë Graystone, come to think of it, so I guess it all comes out in the wash.)

Anyway, Clan Willow has got the whole stadium on lock, as was prophesied by earlier episodes and the bughouse crazy of Clarice: "Structural stress points," a fake repair crew with supplemental charges, all of their martyrs ready to go including a family of four... So I guess it's go time. They explain the entire plan to us one more time -- everybody dies, the faithful are reborn in Heaven, and Clarice goes on TV to explain about the OTG about a month later, after the grieving are finally done and ready to shut up about it:

"It's important, though, that the miracle conveys a sense of buoyancy, of joy. The servants of the One True God, lifted to Paradise in a grand Apotheosis!"

Very exciting, when she gets all caffeinated. So Nestor suddenly is like, "Wait, is this a horrible stupid vicious dumb idea?" Yes, yes it is. But on the other hand, even the innocents who are just accidental martyrs are still dying for the OTG, they just won't be in Clarice's stupid junk heaven with the rest of them: "Because they're not actually going to Heaven, their scanned avatars are." Right, right, complete the thought...

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