The Imperfections Of Memory

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The Loves & The Lives Of Man & Machine

More makeouts in the beautiful virtual sun, but Zoë breaks the clench to babble some more about her secret robot self. Philo's still caught up in the romance, nodding and staring at her lips with undisguised horniness, but he lets her go as she explains the U-87 to him in graphic detail. "If you were to program a robot using a generative model, like something in nature, it could benefit from modulatory input, like living in the real world." Philo gets there: "And those inputs would be different every time. I mean, each robot would be unique, and uncopyable," he says, already thinking about work again. But that's not the point, she explains cutely/firmly: "My point is that a robot could benefit from being in the real world. You know, let it out, explore, get it out of the lab..." Her acting is so, so good: Innocent and sneaky and excited, all at once. If only you'd done this before the kissing, maybe you could have gotten out immediately, but no: He's back to programming. "No no no... Uncopyable. Because it's analog. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" He traces her lips, and kisses her a thousand times.

...And Daniel enters the lab, watching him moan and osculate, plinking out the Anthem and then banging a few keys, until Philo flips back out IRL. Zoë opens her eyes, grinning, and Daniel stares at his once again terrified pervert assistant.

Clarice is high when she takes the call from Amanda, who wants to do "somethin' fun," and Clarice is like, "I'm actually smoking hash as we speak, remember how I told you I like to do massive amounts of drugs at that one place?" In for a penny, Amanda. She's like, "Um, let me think. Of course I'll come roll around on satin pillows with you at your opium den. Be right there." Take that, Daniel! Maybe next time I start hallucinating dead people and flashing back to my mental institution days you'll be here to... (Get me drunk? Offer me major drugs? Recruit me into a cult?)

Daniel plays Nomion's Third over Philo's fumbling freakout, waiting for him to put his wang away, before suggesting that -- critical deadline, mysterious computer chip, billions on the table -- Philo could maybe focus a little. As Daniel's day jacket describes a perfect arc across the room and onto the hatrack, Philo tries to explain the idea he got with Rachel, and finally filibusters Daniel into shutting up. "We've be treating the MCP like it's digital, because it's supposed to be. So we expect to be able to reproduce a perfect copy. But what if something in the MCP is analog?" Zoë gets worried: This means more lab time, not less. Opposite of desired effect. "Like a person, created through a generative process? There's no way we'd be able to make a perfect copy of that. And that is exactly what's happening." Smart boy, quoting back your master's voice: "Essentially, a tiny difference would make a difference."

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