The Imperfections Of Memory

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Ground Zero. As much a reference to NYC as to the Hall of Remembrance. Labor guys from Gideon Enterprises moving all the memories and pictures and flowers to Apollo Park nearby, where they can be safe, but Amanda isn't having it. She goes to the Memorial every morning. So she attacks one of the workers, who asks her to please chill, but it's Amanda Graystone: She doesn't have a Chill setting. She gets all up in his area about how the Memorial has to stay where they actually died, or else it's just an empty signifier, and they'll build over the broken tracks and whatever it is will be shiny and new and people will forget and her daughter will die.

(Which is bad, but especially today, because she woke up this morning dreaming of another death: Running through a hospital in her slippers, plastic bracelet around her wrist, the guy up ahead never quite recognizable... And then looked at a letter from the Delphi Convalescent Institute she's been hiding, and went back to bed with the vapors. You may recognize the Delphi Institute as Dr. Simon's Rape Farm & Ovary Concern, which might just be the Vancouver Effect but could also work in-show, as they did say it was once a mental hospital. Ughhhh, Cylons suck sometimes.)

Amanda, when she doesn't know what to do, generally she starts a riot. It is one of the top things about Amanda. So Sister Clarice walks up while Amanda's getting all YouTube in the guy's face, wanting to spread the word about the dirt they're doing. The guy I don't think knows who she is: The sad face and the scary face and the rich face of the bombing. Terror Mom, who somehow became the Speaker for the Dead: Who loved her daughter in all her complexity and spoke the truth to the Twelve Worlds and eventually got clean again. If anybody's going to put these guys on blast -- "Let's get your faces on camera!" -- it's going to be her. The guy asks her to get lost, and tries to move Clarice out the way as well, even though he knows -- cultural semiotics we don't know yet, I guess -- that she's a priestess. Amanda and Clarice, they make a good team of shriekers.

So while Clarice is like, "You put your hands on a person of cloth?" Amanda does an end-run around the same religious angle: "This is sacred ground!" The guy's not having it, and Amanda's managed to get him feeling gross and defensive, so he's pissed, and finally Clarice drags Amanda off him, but Amanda's not really present to complain about that because she's just spotted the guy again. The family resemblance is uncanny: He takes her Dust Bowl harshness and -- where she manages to turn it into a sturdy, wounded beauty -- he ends up looking like somebody from Don Draper's secret history. Amanda takes pictures of the staring crowd, but there's nobody there.

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