The Imperfections Of Memory

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The Loves & The Lives Of Man & Machine

Sitting in the car, Clarice draws a line between this latest desecration and what Jordan did to Zoë's room: "Clearing them all away, out of sight" before hesitantly changing the subject to how Amanda is full-on crazy right now, looking sick and freaked out well beyond what you'd expect. (She does not know yet that crazy/not-crazy is a decision Amanda makes every single second, and never falls the same way you or I would.) So Amanda admits that in addition to the Memorial highjinks, she's also got crazy eyes because her brother Darius was in the crowd, the blonde boy from her nightmares, which is impossible because he is dead. So... We're going with crazy today, then.

Zoë summons Lacy to "the VIP room," which either we've never seen from this angle or is a different place entirely than the usual Zoë place. It looks like a side stair in a mansion or something, with the revels rocking outside and occasional shapes -- including the STO infinity? -- flashing against the windows. All in all, not sure what we're to glean here. The reason Zoë's all oxygenated is because of Clarice's visit to the lab yesterday, and how she messed with Daniel's computer, and is generally way too up in Zoë's grill (actual grill!). "She looked me right in my eye!" (Ah, for the days of Saul Tigh eyeball jokes.) Anyway, having shared that information in the aghast manner of a teenage girl, she moves on to Operation Dumbo Drop: "Make sure that Barnabas knows I'm gonna need a big box, okay? Don't even give him a hint of anything that's gonna..."

Lacy gets sketchy, because she doesn't want to admit that she screwed up first contact, and then lies right to Zoë's robot face about how everything's fine on the STO front. Zoë's not convinced, and reminds Lacy that she's holding up her end of the deal: "I already have another date with Cute Lab Boy." Lacy asks if she likes him, in that way, and Zoë glitches for a sec before going, "...Not relevant!" Heh. She brings it back again to how they're both responsible for half of the plan: Zoë gets her giant ass out, and Lacy gets it off-planet. Lacy finally goes on the defensive, promising she can do it with a little more time -- shades of Clarice/Alvo? -- but that Zoë needs to trust her, because she's never let her down. Having gotten such good results pushing the Dead Friend angle last time, Zoë goes right back there, hissin' and spittin' about the time Lacy got scared at the maglev station and thus didn't get blown up.

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