The Imperfections Of Memory

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The Loves & The Lives Of Man & Machine

Joe's sure that Tamara stayed in NCC because she said she would, and Adamas keep their promises -- or whatever, as long as he gets to yell "ADAMA" like one million times in every episode he's happy -- and they discuss the size of the gun Heracles gives him, ha ha, and Heracles gives him more of that good advice for living: "Try not to die." Joe is almost as scared by the smashing scary nonsense of NCC as his daughter, and plaster dust falls down, and he goes back to being cute. It is a very specific kind of Joe that I can handle, but shivering in the middle of GTA is in range of it.

Because everywhere Amanda Graystone goes calamity will follow, there is a big car accident and she tries to go help, but a doctor who is not completely insane gets there first. She sees Darius again, and gives chase in both the dream and the now -- echoes of Hera at the Opera House! -- all the way through traffic, to a carpark. (And the song that plays over the Darius parts this week? It's that Amanda song I love so much... But backwards. This show/Bear McCreary rule.) My cable got weird here on Friday, so I totally missed the point of this scene, but at the chainlink where the trail ends, there's a poster for another museum show, which features your basic impressionist painting of a bridge. She flashes on it, for some reason -- flipping to another bridge in another life -- and peels the poster off the wall, then cracks her crazy pills right out.

Speaking of nuts, we got Clarice Willow Omnimedia putting on a little show for Olaf but basically for herself about how "All it needs is, like, a tasteful ribbon around the neck of the bottle, like... Like this..." while she's putting a ribbon around a bottle of very expensive Scorpion Ambrosia. It's totally weird and totally awesome. Just adorable, like, she's just giving this little talk while sitting on her bed. Olaf is more worried about the expense, and how pissed Hot Desiree is going to be when she finds out that Druggie Clarice is moving up to the expensive top shelf shit, but Clarice's matter-of-fact explanation is so frakking mindblowing that he gets sidetracked. In toto:

"I just need to spend some time with Amanda Graystone. She sees people who aren't there. Amanda is the mother of Zoë, and Zoë is the mother of life everlasting! There is a connection! This is a sign! God is using these women to speak to me! And I have to listen!"

God! I love you, Clarice! That is some Caprica Six shit right there. Olaf stares at her closed crazy holy eyes and thinks, "What if joining a cult with her turned out to be like a really bad idea?"

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