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The Loves & The Lives Of Man & Machine

(Another way to look at this, the whole nervous subroutine/body-mind thing, comes from our friend Irit, who explains that the Hebrew word for soul, nefesh, literally means the gullet in the throat -- the location of the MCP -- while the word for spirit is neshama, which of course means "breath." So Zoë has been robbed of her neshama, but retains her nefesh: She isn't human, but she has a soul.)

Urban playground, slurping on sodas and swinging back and forth in their cute little school uniforms, Keon and Lacy discuss the usual teenage concerns: How to move contraband, joining terrorist cells, and the like. Lacy can't tell Barney about the Zoë robot because Zoë says. Lacy can't think of another way to get off-planet, which Keon already thinks is weak because apparently Lacy just wants to go be a monotheist in a more accepting environment. Makes sense, except for how Keon is a terrorist and obviously thinks that's a wuss move. "He won't help you unless you're STO," Keon says, and Lacy lights right up. Great! She'll just become an STO terrorist! Keon's shocked by that, but she tosses him a megawatt smile and slows down their swings until he's looking her in the eye: "I know you're worried about me, but I can handle it... Especially if you're there with me." Niiiice. Then she kisses his temple softly, and he completely loses track of his shit. Well done, Lacy Rand.

Less organic overlapping talk this week from Daniel and Cyrus, but eventually they get their rhythm on track. Cyrus is still freaking out about the stockholders, and wants to sell. Daniel wants to scream like an intensely crazy person for some reason about how he's not selling the Bucs, and also about how he's going to "crush" Vergis. But I mean, his whole life is relying on his instincts and clearly that's working out for him, so you can see the impasse from here: Daniel knows they're going to work the shit out and keep the contract, while Cyrus thinks that's 100% risky. They are both right. But creative genius brains, sometimes they work like this, and Daniel already does this every week: Right up to the edge of oblivion and rage, and then Pow! Boom goes the dynamite. Clutch play.

Philo orders up "an activity" for his second date with Rachel, and Zoë has to wait until he's fully jacked in before she wifis herself there, which is a smart detail. She opens her eyes in a Viper (!) and laughs at how geeky and wondrous he is. Philo tells her to turn off autopilot, which scares her, but he tells her to just Know Kung-Fu and pull it together. Since Rachel, of course, would never "tweak [her] skillset," for reasons she'll explain in full momentarily, she crashes immediately. Freaking out, she ejects. It's so sexy because they don't even look like Vipers: They look like the fifty-year historical Blue Angel idea of what a Viper will be. We know what they are, and they say the word, but they don't know. Lee and Kara know, and that's so wonderful. Parallel situation in five, four, three...

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