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Over to Vesta's own monochrome bar-booth hangout, where a cute kid -- maybe the one who told Tamara the Russian Roulette guy went "home"? -- lights a match as they walk past. It's a fairly awesome, scary, noir little moment. Vesta's reading the paper when they arrive, surprised they pulled the job so fast and Herc's proud as he explains how magical Tamara is. Vesta's like, "Awesome, give me the money so I can sublime or whatever," but Tamara tells her to suck it because she's going home first. Good girl.

But also, fuck Vesta because there is no amount of money that will get any of them there, which means they'll just keep killing Tamara over and over as long as the game exists. What do you do when you can't get out? Turn into something else. Like maybe God, sometimes. Vesta gets sassy and shows her the paper, where she's just learned that Tammy is totally dunzo dead. Tamara wigs out just a bit, although I think she was starting to figure that one out, and Herc is just completely confused, and Vesta and her girl keep calling her "Baby" and "Dollface" and generally acting like Ursula the Sea Witch, and Herc holds her tight, but finally Tamara just... Shrugs and kills the fuck out of everybody.

(The song from which this recap takes its alliterative appellation is envisioned by the band as a monologue issued to pugilist Joe Louis from his coach: "And if anyone should cheat you, take advantage of or beat you/ Raise your head and wear your wounds with pride/ You must stick up for yourself, son/ Never mind what anybody else done..." A lesson both Adams kids learned today, not for the first or the last time: Wake up!)

Tamara sends Herc to find Joe and tell her family what's going on, and we revisit the idea that Tad/Herc is whatever, worthwhile in the real world -- I was so scared he was going to be ...IN A WHEELCHAIR! or some shit -- and Vesta's on the floor, shuddering and asking what the fuck Tammy is. And if you've been paying attention, you already know the last words Vesta ever hears, looking up at Tamara in her beautiful gown:

"I'm awake."

And in a moment, Tad will leave her there and go -- still beautiful; shy and skittish -- to the door of the Adama house. He'll ask for Joseph Adams, and get the usual shit about how it's Adama now. He'll ask her father to wake her up, help her get out of the Matrix, and Joe will be confused. Offended by the idea of purgatory, after all his time trying to win against the richest man in the world to get her back. And when he tells Tad that Tamara died on the maglev, Tad will stumble away and run off down the street, having ripped something precious out of Joseph's hands again.

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