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happened to her that wasn't her fault, and I'm not saying otherwise. Shit happens to everybody. Unbelievably awful shit happens to us on the reg. But once it happens, it's yours. Different rules for before and after, because you're not the one to blame.

Kara opened the door on the ugly stuff so that she could stop fucking up the world around her. She took it all in, all those darling daughters, and became beautiful and hard, and stayed beautiful and hard, and that's a huge reason I didn't mind her arc in the end, which confused a lot of readers. But to me, she was headed there all along, and I believed in it -- and her -- all along, so when it became explicit it wasn't really a shock.

So the next part is the part you do for yourself, which is taking that idea -- that some fictional person shapes the world around him- or herself -- into the real world. Where the things you don't allow yourself to think are the things that are going to fuck you up. I'm not talking about blaming the victim or The Secret or any of that shit, I'm speaking here pragmatically: You're sitting at lunch with your best girlfriend and she's just gotten dumped and no matter how sympathetic you are, you find yourself mentioning your own perfect relationship a bit more and a bit more, and she starts getting weird without knowing why, and shoots a pointed look at the amount of food you're putting away, without knowing she's doing it, and you start drawing parallels to her last failed relationships without knowing why, and pretty soon you're both assholes.

Or you give yourself a pass to be a dick just this one time on the highway, because of road rage which everybody gets sometimes so it's no big deal, and the person you cut off goes to work and is a jerk to a client because he's annoyed at you, faceless asshole, and needs to pin some rage somewhere. If he gets fired, there's a tiny-tiny percentage of that which is on you. Do you see what I'm saying? You reach out, you pluck the threads of your universe like a guitar. You warp the world around you with every step you take, just by existing. You are in the Matrix. You are the One. (You're the Bad Wolf, essentially.)

Which is why 99.9% of all therapy, like any Quest, is getting your shit under control: What you did, why you did it, where it came from, and can you fix it. Because your stuff, your unthought thoughts and your hidden aversions and your petty point-scoring and your obsessive needs -- along with all the lovely things that are just as valid but get all the attention -- are the things that warp and shape the universe. Or at least the part of it you touch, which is all that really matters, on a moment-to-moment basis (denying which is just another trap they've set for you).

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