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She heads into a club that is looking all kinds of Heavy Rain while Herc's debrief continues in VO. "Okay, so our target is Chiron. He's a fatcat. Likes to hang in this club on the Lower East Side..." It's a speakeasy in there basically. They hang out at the bar and sneak glances at Chiron, who sits in a back booth of course, caressing pretty boys and nuzzling pretty girls. "The Horse. Best gamer in the City." Tamara -- love this girl -- asks why they don't just fucking kill him already, but there's more to it. If they can nab his avatar (like Daniel did in the pilot), they can use it to do whatever pointless shit. Tamara immediately calls bullshit on the entire game, particularly his idea of the endpoint -- which is awesome, because in most stuff these game mechanics would be the actual point -- and he's like, "Well, but just do it so Vesta can wave her wand around behind your head while you click your heels and stop shitting on my hobby. Look, it's not real, okay?" It is to me, she says. Which is true in about four more ways than she even knows.

Joe's writing checks, still in his robe but with at least an undershirt on now, and finds a bunch of pictures of the four of them stuck in the ledger: A fishing trip. It looks fun. Willie's impassive as usual, Tamara confronts the camera, Joe kisses Shannon. Joe smiles as he cries. Hopefully this will make him less, and not more, bathetic. It's about time for him to pull at least one tiny clutch play. I mean, I love the idea that the past, the Underworld, is a virtual world he tries to recreate. The darker garden, all around him; projection being key to their/our psychology. It's all there! But "INT. ADAMA HOUSE: Joseph looks at pictures and cries and has an emotional thing" is... The Tauron Way, really. I was going to say "annoying and clumsy" but that's mostly how Joe rolls, at least. Never mind.

Tamara steps up to Chiron (not sure about the name, since you can only ever call one person every name; Chiron is a biggie and it seems a bit wasted; on the other hand, there's a whole Zora Neale Hurston thing to "the Horse" that fits here, and I can't think of any other mythic horses that wouldn't be even dumber) and starts in on this random crazy monologue: "Chiron, you forgot to call me! I can forgive you, if you play it right... You have to remember, I mean, come on. It was so sweet! You said that I could have anything that I wanted. Don't you remember what I said? I said..."

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