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At this point in the speech she's sufficiently aggro -- and clearly playing an in-game game -- that the guards go ahead and open fire, and then in the resulting confusion Herc zaps Chiron's avatar with some kind of Ghostbusters/vacuum cleaner implement. He carries Tamara's severely bloody form away, the whole time being all "It's okay, it's all right, you did good, you did great." There's something about this that blows my mind, specifically in the same way as watching the hobbits discuss Zoë's body, but I can't exactly explain it. "You're so good at dying over and over for our sins" is part of it, but "...While looking so hot" is an implied second part, and there's a third part I'm not sure about yet. (Trinity LOL) Either way it is just gorgeous. No wonder there's so much NCC in the credits.

Back at the hotel, Herc turns into Chiron, uttering more truthfulness: "Still just me. Anything that's pure code can be manipulated." Including you. Her hand trails across her collarbone, where only data flows, and she quickly heals herself again. There's the "eternal life" of Zoë, whose ugly body can never die, and then now there's this, too. And then there's Lacy, which God(s) know(s) how that's going to fall. So then there's another embarrassing convo about how he realizes the game looks dumb, but he needs Tamara to understand that it means something to him, and Tamara explains, "Maybe if you weren't in here playing this game, you could be something out there too."

(Which A) don't talk to me like I'm twelve, we get it already, and B) Hope that comes up again in this episode like it's obviously going to, maybe in a memory-montage, but mostly C) Of those of us who don't already get it, you're calling bullshit on the SyFy gamers who make up your core audience? People who will actually sit through Stargate: SG-1 if you just tell them they're pretty and make anime references? The very people to whom this episode is a perfume-scented valentine? Because guess what, they don't want to hear about how slurping Mountain Dew and getting fat playing WoW and avoiding all actual human contact might just be keeping them from being awesome and having lots of sex. I surmise that they are well aware. And it's a truism that the only people -- ask the fanfic ladies -- that get officious and righteous about internet stereotypes are the ones to whom it one hundred percent applies, so like... Who are you even talking to right now?)

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