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Willie is being a little shit on Joseph's gaywad fishing trip, of course, and for his part Joe is being a sweetheart about it. Albeit through the power of whining. Hilarious fishing hat aside, I have to remark that Joe has looked better throughout this episode than ever before. I know he's the lead and he's supposed to be attractive, but this episode makes him look really good. So Joseph brings up how the last time they did it was with Shannon and Tamara, as though through transparency he can somehow make it less pathetic, and Willie is in no mood. He can barely remember that time, even though he's the same age as he was in the pictures. And does he want to talk about their mourning at all? Not really. Plus he's more interested in the trashy Mean Teens making fun of their dumb Tauron ways nearby.

Cyrus, ever since Sarno, has been avoiding Daniel's calls. (Maybe he will hire Taurons to beat the shit out of Cyrus... Oh wait, that would be trashy.) The reason Cyrus is so cagey would be the inevitable "board turns on CEO" storyline, after that shit, but Cyrus is also trying to clean up the mess. There's some names mentioned -- Atkinson, Parker -- that might be important down the line. But between the stock prices tanking and Daniel's decision to give away their entire holdings anyway, they have a point. "So if I don't come up with answers to the holo-bank crisis they're going to try to force me to step down from my own company?" Um, yeah. In a nutshell. Since that's their job.

Out by the river, Willie is feeling super shitty and wanting to leave because of racism, but Joe's like, "Don't you love the fresh air and the beauty out here?" and all that mess. Willie points out that it is totally boring, and the trashy teens get all beered up and start yelling the usual dirt-eating nonsense, and so Willie just goes ahead and... Beats one guy's face in with a rock. After nailing him with it from about fifty paces. It's pretty amazing -- remember the time he beat that Two to death with a flashlight? -- but of course it's all about Joe whining and trying to stop him.

Now, obviously you should not respond to this crap, and especially not with exactly the tacky violence they're accusing you of. If the stereotype is that you're violent and eat dirt, the two things you should not do under any circumstances are get violent or eat dirt. But it would take a stronger man than Willie to chill at this point, and Willie's just a kid. So in a way, this is also a funeral for Tamara, who took zero shit from these guys.

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