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Five whole seconds of Amanda, so live it up. I know I will. Daniel's brooding about the takeover, and she gives him this whole pep talk about how back when she was pregnant with Zoƫ and they were poor, living in a flat in Cloverdale, and he was bussing it all over because his beloved car was a POS, and the rent was three months late, and he couldn't even afford to go to C-Bucs games, and it was really bad, but he got an angle on a meeting with "MicroCap" -- to which he showed up covered in water and a broken wrist (!) because he slipped helping a lady with a stroller. And he walked out of that shit with this life they have now. It's touching, because stuff like that actually happens, and the details in the story are gorgeous, and every time they're onscreen it's like they invented the idea of love, and... That's your five seconds of Amanda.

(Meanwhile, I can only assume that Lacy is drunk and Clarice is giving a similar pep talk to one of her twelve spouses, and that Philo is trying desperately to call me on the phone about how cute my outfit is today.)

So for some reason the Graystone board meets in a giant silvery airport hangar that probably costs as much to heat and cool as the entire economy is worth, so maybe we could start trimming there. What I would not give to be a consultant on Caprica, the way they do stuff. So Parker and Atkinson are bitching and moaning, while Priyah and Cyrus try to defend Daniel's position by talking about his Q. Cyrus points out that when the economy and their stock are plummeting, kicking Daniel -- who is now totally approval-ratinged again -- out will make them look even worse. "Daniel Graystone is the brand. He's the public face of this corporation..." There's a steady clomp-clomp that's really scary if you've heard is as many times as we have. Are you alive?

Daniel walks in there with his giant robot daughter and nails this amazing speech I don't even want to mess with. "Hello, everyone. I'm so sorry I'm late. Holobands are over. The hacked sites are eating up more and more of our market share each quarter. And that's where the kids are going, because they're free. And the next generation coming up, they'll expect it all to be free. We can't own it forever. We can either marshal all our resources and funds towards saving that sinking ship, or we can look for the next big thing, the next big leap forward, that will change the worlds. We either move into the future, or we die trying to hold on to our past... And this is our future."

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