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The Bane & The Pox Of The Pain In The Box

While Lacy's scrubbing all the blood and trauma off, Clarice heads over to Amanda's house. Amanda, of course, has been sitting and staring into space with a cigarette this entire time, but you know how much she hates to be interrupted when she's doing that and Clarice only left her like a second ago. Of course, now that she knows Amanda (or maybe the GDD, not sure) has the thumb drive, it's time to do some more of that patented not-so-sneaky sneaking around that Clarice always does at Amanda's house.

It's funny, because part of the Clarice problem was believing that she could wreck shop on an entire terrorist organization while still seeming so bumbling and forthright when it came to getting her hands on Zoë's stuff and yet here she is again, all, "Hey, nice to see ya! Do you think you can get ahold of Zoë's stuff any time soon from the GDD raid? Like any jewelry or things you might have help up on TV while screaming about how your daughter is a terrorist? Things like that? It might make you feel better!"

Amanda, as usual, acts too drugged out to get there by herself, so Clarice changes "tactics" and brings up this diary that Zoë gave her. Which is a weird thing to say, which Amanda notices: "She gave you her diary?" Realizing how that sounds weird and dumb, Clarice is like, "Oh, I mean like a blank diary. Funny story, she told me to write down all my good deeds in it and I told her that was hubris and maybe I should write my bad deeds in it and she said she should have gotten me a bigger book."

Which is an awesome story, actually, and sounds exactly like Zoë, down to the self-righteous poking, so good on Sister Willow for that one. You can actually hear her cribbing it together from some kinda "lives of the saints" primer (or polytheist equivalent). And then Amanda, you really only need a pebble to start the landslide, you know, so suddenly she's apeshit all over Clarice about how they were brought together for daydrinking and smoking hash and living in a cabin and collecting things of her daughter's, and see how this story just proves it. Which is, in some fundamental way on which only Amanda could possibly connect the dots, the whole reason she wanted to come live Chez Willow. Not because she hates her husband, has lost her damn mind, and imprinted on Clarice's charismatic manipulation like a bi-curious duckling, no: It's because God says so... Or something... Or whatever.

So of course Clarice is like, "Now you're talking my language, motherfrakker! Go get your stuff, ya little squirrel." Back at the Willow Compound, the sisterwives and brotherhusbands are like, not that thrilled to have Amanda Graystone and her incredibly PR-toxic ten-pound bag of bullshit calling yet more attention to their subversive activities. I swear while they're moving Clarice in the front door, Olaf is sneaking Lacy out the side, which kind of does give me faith in Clarice's ability to get shit done. He says some horrible things to her instead of goodbye, and then Lacy heads off to the land of impossibly stupid-looking CGI.

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