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Tomas Vergis, you old so-and-so. Adorable and sinister as ever, with the vest and the whole thing. Cyrus explains to an annoyed Vergis that the Zoebot is no longer special in that special way it used to be when it was a girl. Vergis coins both future Cylon terms "toaster" and "boxing" in a pretty smug, wink-wink way, and tells Cyrus to melt her down entirely. When Cyrus balks, Vergis gets pissy, so Cyrus makes sure he seems totally loyal to the new regime: "This was Daniel's obsession, not mine. I'm glad to be rid of it, Dr. Vergis." I thought, I'm going to miss watching her change back and forth, and then I thought, probably not for very long. Some things are too awesome to get rid of just because you need ratings.

Clarice -- and here we were worried she might not be able to get ahold of hash on Gemenon -- sucks down a whole hookah and remembers the day Zoe came running to tell her about the Matrix and she thought of Apotheosis and everything started to get real weird. (Hi Zoe!) Obal shows up and she's like, "Oh fuck. Maintain, Clarice. Maintain." He's going to take her to Mother, he says, which is code for murdering her, which just shows he has no idea how much power Clarice actually has over people.

A thing that is really cool but seems to have confused some people happens now. Cyrus comes running from Graystone Ind. to tell Daniel about the boxing and melting of the toaster, which interrupts a voicemail that Daniel is leaving on his dead wife's phone. It's very sad to see this happen, especially with sad Amanda music playing, but the really cool part is that we only hear part of the message -- "Hi, sweetheart. I miss you. I just... I really... I miss you" -- and it's edited to seem like he's done talking at that point.

(But he's not, which retroactively rewrites every scene with Daniel throughout the entire episode, and we don't even know that yet, but this is where the timeline loops back to for this idea. When I shouted about seeing Ryan Mottesheard's name in the credits, this is the kind of thing I was expecting, but after all there's so much to get done in this episode -- since basically it rewrites the show's entire mandate back to the pilot and simplifies everything that happened in 1.0 down to essentially nothing -- I'm happy with what we got.)

Clarice shows herself as a total hypocrite, walking with Obal in the cold: "I swear, if this wasn't the Holy Land I'd suggest moving the whole religion to a tropical beach!" Instead of pointing out that's exactly what she's trying to do, Obal just pretends they're having a secret pre-game meeting. "This idea that you brought to us today, I'm not sure if you realize just how big it is." Clarice snorts at him, and says one of the nicest things she's ever said: "The hand of God brought me a girl with the ability to turn code into a soul. When I think about it, I'm overcome with awe." Obal confirms that she can somehow get the resurrection program back from oblivion, and she waxes yet more poetic: "This is the moment. We can be a faith that builds temples here in the dirt, or we can build them in the sky."

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