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Bruise Cruise

There will also be another Advantage Point, which "infects" the chosen team with a "virus" that causes their vests to sound an alarm both days of the hunt. James began plotting immediately upon hearing this news. He does not stand for bullies! Luke went on to explain that this virus is infectious (just like the one he got from not installing a Norton Anti-Virus update—damn you technology!). The vest ringing will transfer to any other prey teams the infected team comes into contact with. So basically, damn it feels good to be a hunt team this week.

The green team was announced as the hunt team, which delighted Nick and Chris, the brothers of the gold team. Eric and Shane were concerned about the green team, specifically Antoine, who is a track star. It's time to start climbing some trees. The green time announced that it's "time to get some payback" and after very little prodding from Luke, they admitted that they were talking about the blue team. The blue team kept saying "bring it on," but everyone knows that with the green team at the helm, it has already been broughten.

The prey teams headed for the terrain, strategizing on the way. Most of the teams planned to stay away from the blue team, obvious targets and inevitable carriers of infectious viruses. Kaliesha, the constantly furious instigator of the white team, tripped and blamed her partner Matt. He repeated his infuriating question from the last hunt, "who's running this show, woman?" and Kaliesha says that, as a doctor, she is always dealing with sexism. She's also a doctor? Oh my god, she could beat anyone up in very painful and specific ways to take them just to the edge of death. My advice would be not to cross her, but to know her is to cross her, I think.

Oh no! I started getting really worried for the green team when one of them started talking about what they would do with the money. That is the first thing we learn about a team right before they're eliminated. Oh shit, Kareem's mom has MS. They are such good people oh god dammit.

The green team left in search of the prey teams, feeling very good. Their strategy was to explore the South area of the terrain as they were more comfortable with it. South is where the teal twins spend most of their hunt times. The teal team found the looking glass, with the green team headed right for them. Nikita was trying to figure out where the hunt team was on the map when technology proved to be her worst enemy. Jade interrupted her train of thought with, "NIKITA RUN!" and I appreciated the drama of it.

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