Angel With a Broken Wing

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Bruise Cruise

For the second day, Luke opened up a supply station and this time there was pizza, beer and hot wings that nobody could throw in the mud with the blue team in jail. The prey teams all wanted to go for it, while the green team was focused on laying low near the supplies and targeting the Brooklyn girls.

The green team was slowed down by what can only be described as a thicket. It was unpleasant and an unwelcome way to experience the pain of Christ beyond the discomfort of camping on a mission trip.

The gold and black teams hit the supply station the moment it opened because beer and pizza can only speed things up, right? I guess if I have enough beer I don't even remember walking home. It's like I floated. The Brooklyn girls eat and prepared to leave, looking around first to see if maybe the gold team was setting them up. Little did they know the green team was stuck in the brambles somewhere. Luke announced the closing of the supply station as the gold team polished off the beer and did a few jigs. They even saw the green team watching them and waved. A false sense of security goes hand in hand with being buzzed.

With only 40 minutes left in the hunt, the green team isn't about to just let a team slide away with a pat on the head. The gold team was still aware this is a competition, so they stayed inside the lines of safety while they told the green team where the black team headed. They shot off like arrows, quickly gaining on the girls from Brooklyn, who were slowing down with every grease-laden step.

"I'm so happy we went there, I feel so good after like, some beer," one of the girls whispered to her friend. All of a sudden, one of the green team stepped on a twig. After a moment of tension, Nimble and Agile chased Pizza and Wings downhill in what was already an uphill struggle for the black team.

The black team was captured, but didn't hurt themselves. They joined the blue team in jail and the other prey teams celebrated and made a lot of bruise jokes. Sitting in jail under a tarp, Eric cracked under pressure and said, "I wonder when little Nick's going to come out of the closet?"

Even Shane, in his weakened condition, knew this was crossing the line. For guys with so much game, they really don't know how to strategize. Eric kept going, saying that everyone is just jealous of them because they're the center of attention. This is Real Housewives logic, and it does not apply here. Shane has had all day to reflect, and can't believe he is the villain of this game. He claims to be a pretty nice guy outside of this, one who doesn't just throw innocent sandwiches into the mud.

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