Call of the Wild

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Where the Wild Things Aren't

Past the halfway point, what will host Luke Tipple come up with next? Yes, I am crediting him for all of the game's twists and turns. He just thinks them up, I'm sure, and he built the elimination bridges himself.

"It's weird to start the day not knowing what's going to happen with anything anymore," Kirsten of the pink team said. Has there been a standard hunt since the first one? Tired, greasy and hungry, the remaining teams reflected on how crazy everything is. The white and green teams agreed that everyone left now is strong except Black. I guess the teal team proved themselves somewhere along the way, maybe when they caught two teams in one day. The pink team noted that all the remaining teams have a strength: The green team is fast, the red team is strong, the black team is "quiet" (and knows how to find the supply stations), the teal team is sneaky, the white team "has hustle," and they weren't sure which unique strength they had but it's probably all the good ones.

Before the hunt begins again, Luke Tipple reminded the teams that he is a criminal mastermind. "Life out here is no day at the beach and today we're going to put that to the test," Luke said. He revealed that this time, the supply stations wouldn't be a fiesta. Instead, they would have crucial survival supplies needed for the night spent … in the hunting grounds. And they thought the Village was tough! The green team looked particularly worried since camping is for white people.

The pink team lit up, since they are outdoor survivalists. Then, Luke announced that the black team would be the hunt team. They were excited to not be sleeping in the forest. Brooklyn! When the prey teams were released I actually laughed out loud, because nobody knows what they're doing and to see them just run into the woods without a clue was strangely delightful.

Once the teams took off, Luke asked Sabrina and Noelle about who their targets are. They said white and green are the ones they'd like to take down, just to prove they aren't so weak. Luke released Black into the field and Sabrina promised the teams had not seen this side of them yet.

The teal team knew they'd be "an easy catch," so they tried to be especially sneaky. The black team, meanwhile, was just stumbling into the green team nearly by accident. Antoine and Kareem paused, implementing their spider senses, then sprinted off when they saw the black team barreling toward them. I don't know that this capture is going to happen.

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