Double Jeopardy

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Run The Village

So what is going to happen with this show now that there is no villain? Was the blue team just the mini boss before an even greater foe emerges? The day in a post-Blue village started with everyone agreeing that they feel more relaxed. James and Rebecca, the lime team, said they keep surprising themselves and that has them surprising everybody else as well. The black team was concerned that their early poor decision making in allying with the blue team would come back to bite them, and their argument with Kaliesha of the white team didn't help.

The black team requested to talk to Kaliesha (who is not a doctor, but a boxer. Too bad she's not a doctor or she could fix my hearing), and she summoned Matt over to … stand there I guess. The black team, Sabrina and Noelle, said that it wasn't really their fault they blew up because they're from New York. I'm so tired of people using "I'm from New York" as an excuse for abrasiveness, but you know, 9/11 and all, I suppose. The black team admitted that they did not mean their apology, but they also do not want their asses kicked. Meanwhile, the teal team lamented being dirty and disgusting, but said this is easy compared to when their brother died a few years ago. Awww, teal team!

The teams met Luke Tipple, who reminded the teams of the rules as James stared down a camera going by. There would be another advantage point; this one sabotages a team by pointing a compass arrow on the hunt team's tracking device toward them for the duration of the hunt. James and Rebecca looked thrilled, because they are all about being saboteurs now. They got a taste of something they liked.

Luke revealed that the latest hunt team would be Teal, and the twins whoop and cheer for the opportunity. "We just want to prove to ourselves that we can hunt as well as stay hidden," they told Luke. They were even more excited about that fancy meal and nice bed that comes with the hunters' den. They made a joke about not catching anyone and the red team laughed a little too hard. Red later confessed that their allies are the teal team because they see them as more than just two giggly girls; they're two giggly girls who haven't been caught yet. Come to think of it, they haven't even had to run for it.

Luke had the teams face the hunting grounds, after an overly-dramatic knuckle crack from one of the brothers on the gold team. The gold team said their strategy is to let the weak take out the weak. Then Lime was so bold as to say that the teal team is not much competition in their eyes. Everyone is competition for the lime team; they've just been walking around!

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