Double Jeopardy

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The teal team said they have a great strategy, as they have been watching a lot of African nature documentaries (yes, I love this already). Lions hunt by creeping slowly, then sprinting toward prey, and the twins plan on doing the same. Even Luke likes the teal team; you can tell as he said, "go get 'em" to the twins before sending them on the hunt.

The black team trudged through the wood, lamenting that they were not the hunt team because they were feeling bitchy. They spent time blowing the fluff off dandelions and marking their initials in the sand, just like gal pals on a vacay. Meanwhile, the pink team gathered like, nuts and berries to keep their energy up, murmuring that they knew not to underestimate the teal team. The pink team thought the white or lime teams would attempt to use the advantage. They, however, are not triflin'.

The advantage point was revealed and sure enough, the white team headed straight for it. Gold and Red were nowhere near the advantage, so they didn't bother. The teal team also thought some teams would go to the advantage point so they tried to head there, quickly revealing that the advantage wouldn't do them much good as the hunt team as they are terrible with directions. Kids these days.

The lime team plodded onto the advantage point first, prompting James to admit, "having earned two advantages in a row makes us feel pretty confident but also a little bit sneaky." "Super sneaky," a winded Rebecca agreed cheerfully. The lime team opted to sabotage the red team, as they were the furthest North and the advantage point was far South. The lime team kept their fingers crossed, and continued their afternoon constitutional.

"This is everything I thought would happen today," Rob of the red team said, immediately freaking out upon learning of the sabotage. Whoever sabotaged them must be doing it out of homophobia. The teal team got their arrow, but pointed out that they don't know which team it is or how far away they are.

"We are not going to spend this whole game running like f***ing frightened field mice from Jade and Nikita, OK?" the red team agreed. While teal was watching nature documentaries, the red team was watching Fievel Goes West, and/or possibly The Rescuers. They argued whether or not to run from the twins the whole game, whether or not that was even possible.

Still fuming, the red team whispered curses against whoever sabotaged them as teal followed the arrow. Jacob acquired a stick somewhere along the way. The rest of the teams worried that they were sabotaged, all thinking they were the number one competition for everyone out there. The red team headed for the border, trying to sandwich other prey teams between them and the hunt team, and with no Game Master present to turn them around, it's a good strategy.

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