Double Jeopardy

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Run The Village

Sure enough, White is in between Red and the hunt team. White discussed whether or not they wanted to stay low or not, and Kaliesha noted that "there should be a capture soon," very casually. The red team sees Matt and Kaliesha, and uses their location to their advantage. Smart! Athletic, intelligent, competitive gay men really can do everything straight people can!

White heard a noise and thought it was Lime, because they are probably the most careless team still on the grid, but it was Teal! Teal chased Matt and Kaliesha, but these twin lionesses couldn't get through some thick branches. They stopped, frustrated and exhausted, and running out of time.

"I told you I don't understand them, they're like ninjas," Kaliesha told Matt, referring to the teal team. The red team continued their dodging game, with only 20 minutes left in the day's hunt. Just five minutes were left, and the teal team finally spotted Red.

"We see these 6'4" monsters walking along the shore line. We have wasted the entire day following the fastest team in the competition!" One of the twins exclaimed. They chased the red team across the rocks and sandy shores in a very exciting chase that did not end in a capture.

"They're like machines, we had no chance of getting them. For a moment I thought I had a chance, and that's even sadder," The twins laughed, finishing the sentence in unison. They only have one choice now for Day Two, and that is to build a trap … a Parent Trap!

Teal went back to the village discouraged. The other teams were a bit shocked and relieved. "Great prey team, horrible hunt team," Gold summarized. Kirsten from the pink team noted that maybe this day didn't lend to their strengths. "They can catch two tomorrow but it doesn't look like it's going to happen," Nick or Chris said.

Then, the lime team walked back in holding hands. "Using the advantage was smart for us because I knew Jade and Nikita would be so focused on the compass and not be really into what's going on around them," James said, nearly breathless from his stroll through the countryside. The black team came back noting a "weird vibe" because no one is in jail and few people know who used the sabotage or who they used it against.

Never having been sabotaged, the white team thought maybe they were sabotaged because of their near miss. They don't know that Luke Tipple is a good enough person to at least let a team know when they've been sabotaged. The red team rolled back into the village aiming to pretend that they weren't sabotaged, playing a little mental game with the saboteurs. The prey teams tried to put the pieces together.

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