Double Jeopardy

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Run The Village

James cracked first, admitting that he and Rebecca played the sabotage. That was not their smartest move. They said they don't think it's a big deal. Everyone gave them a side-eye. They're sabotaging machines, just putting trackers on teams willy nilly! Rob and Jacob were furious, Jacob admits he was mad enough to want to "throw my beans in James's face," which I love as a threat.

"If he thinks he runs this game, he's got another thing coming to him," Jacob said, still high on cake. Teal returned to camp, offering that they didn't want anyone to sleep in jail. Red told them to catch two tomorrow and enjoy their food. Then, it was back to the Capture version of that "they don't know that we know that they know" Friends episode. For some reason, Lime wouldn't say that they sabotaged the red team. They just kept saying it was nothing personal and they didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

"The next time the lime team is sitting in jail as they've done most of this game, we'll let them know what homos really run this village and James can drag his crippled sister back to Michigan," Jacob overstated. They've been in jail once, and Jacob should know that his catch phrase is, "yes, I'm doing this for cake," but I appreciate his take on Beyonce. It looks like Red and Lime are both playing some mind games, but no one manipulates like a woman and you can't take that away from us, gay men!

On the second day of the hunt, Luke announced that he has an Italian dinner and red wine at the supply station, which sent red and black into cheers. I'd like to see Teal catch two teams in one day, and it could easily happen near the supply station. Teal wisely went straight to the northern supply station.

The lime team was feeling weak, so they decided to saunter over to the supply station. The gold team knew the supply station would be the easiest place to catch a team, but they don't have very high expectations of Teal so they might head over anyway. Jade and Nikita hid behind a tree near the supply station, like the lionesses they intended to be on the first day. The supply station opened and Black and Gold made their way in, with Teal skirting the perimeter in plain sight. They should have hidden longer, in my opinion.

Yet again, the gold and black teams went to town at the supply station. One of the Brooklyn girls said, "I just want to get blasted." I want that for them as well, because it's funny. Meanwhile, much further South, the lime team was slowly making their way to the supply station, knowing it was a risk but feeling confident going up against them in an elimination. Black and Gold saw the lime team sauntering toward the supply station, so they told Teal to hide. Ahhhh, this is so great!

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